Upcoming agreements

If you would like to find out more about the scope of any of these procurements please contact us.

See our commercial agreement pipeline for a full list of agreements, including those due to go live in the next 3 years.

Procurements recently awarded

Agreement title Awarded Date Live/Expected live

Buying Better Food and Drink

Agreement ID: RM6279


Workforce Solutions

Agreement ID: RM6288

06/02/2024 01/08/2024

Procurements in progress

The links provided in the agreement section below give further information about the procurement, including the Find a Tender Service (FTS) notice and details on how to tender for interested suppliers.
Agreement title Tenders close Expected award

National Framework for the Provision of Clinical and Healthcare Staffing

Agreement ID: RM6281

Logistics, Warehousing and Supply Chain Solutions

Agreement ID: RM6329

22/04/2024 01/10/2024

G-Cloud 14

Agreement ID: RM1557.14

07/05/2024 29/10/2024

Travel, Transport, Accommodation and Venue Solutions

Agreement ID: RM6342

24/06/2024 15/10/2024

Digital Capability for Health 2

Agreement ID: RM6345

G-Cloud 14 Lot 4

Agreement ID: RM1557.14L4


Dynamic Purchasing Systems currently open

Agreement title Live

Spark DPS

Agreement ID: RM6094


Gigabit Capable Connectivity DPS

Agreement ID: RM6095


Apprenticeship Training Dynamic Marketplace DPS

Agreement ID: RM6102


HSCN Access Services DPS

Agreement ID: RM3825


Leasing and Loan Finance DPS

Agreement ID: RM6120

Cyber Security Services 3

Agreement ID: RM3764.3


Quality Assurance and Testing for IT Systems 2

Agreement ID: RM6148


Automation Marketplace DPS

Agreement ID: RM6173


Grant Administration Services

Agreement ID: RM6172

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Agreement ID: RM6200


Digital Inclusion and Support DPS

Agreement ID: RM6209


Insurance Services 3 DPS

Agreement ID: RM6138

Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Solutions (VCIS)

Agreement ID: RM6213


Communications Marketplace

Agreement ID: RM6124


Learning and Training Services DPS

Agreement ID: RM6219

Research & Insights

Agreement ID: RM6126


Audio Visual Technical Consultancy & Commissioning

Agreement ID: RM6225


Space-Enabled and Geospatial Services

Agreement ID: RM6235


Low Value Purchase System

Agreement ID: RM6237


Construction Professional Services DPS

Agreement ID: RM6242

Housing Maintenance and Repair

Agreement ID: RM6241


Facilities Management and Workplace Services DPS

Agreement ID: RM6264


Demand Management & Renewables DPS

Agreement ID: RM6313

Fund Administration & Disbursement Services DPS (FAADS)

Agreement ID: RM6322


Open Banking (Data, Digital Payments & Confirmation of Payee Services) DPS

Agreement ID: RM6301


Planned procurements

Agreement title Tenders open Expected live

Language Services

Agreement ID: RM6302

Jul 2024 29/03/2025

Income Generation from Estates, Assets & IP DPS

Agreement ID: RM6350

Income Generation from Estates & Assets

Agreement ID: RM6349

Future pipeline

Agreement title

Provision of Power Purchase Agreement

Agreement ID: RM6289

Water, Wastewater and Ancillary Services 3

Agreement ID: RM6306

National Fuels 3

Agreement ID: RM6305

Occupational Health and Related Services DPS

Agreement ID: RM6296

Back Office Software 2

Agreement ID: RM6285

Estate Management Services 2

Agreement ID: RM6343

Management Consultancy Framework Four (MCF4)

Agreement ID: RM6309

Audit and Assurance Services Two (A&AS2)

Agreement ID: RM6310

Technology Services 4

Agreement ID: RM6190

Tyres, Glass and Telematics

Agreement ID: RM6353

Multifunctional Devices, Print and Digital Workflow Software Services and Managed Print Service Provision

Agreement ID: RM6361

Space Technology Solutions

Agreement ID: RM6370

Transport Technology

Agreement ID: RM6347

Courier, Distribution, Storage and Specialist Solutions

Agreement ID: RM6354

Legal Panel for Government

Agreement ID: RM6360

Media & Creative

Agreement ID: RM6364

Digital Outcomes 7

Agreement ID: RM1043.9

Digital Projects and Programmes

Agreement ID: RM6365