Leasing and Loan Finance DPS

This DPS provides government and public sector bodies  access to funding for the acquisition of an asset. The DPS offers a choice of financing options, including leasing and asset secured loans.


This Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) acts as a funding platform, providing access to a range of lenders who can provide funding for a customer looking to acquire a new asset. The DPS offers a range of leasing options including:

  • hire purchase: also known as an instalment plan where the user will become the owner of the asset
  • finance lease: the finance company is (typically) the legal owner of the asset for the duration of the lease
  • operating lease: the supplier, permits the user (lessee), to use an asset for a period of time, which is shorter than the economic life of the asset, without any transfer of ownership
  • sale and leaseback: an arrangement where the company that sells an asset can lease back that same asset from the buyer
  • asset secured loans: this is where the borrower provides an asset (typically the one purchased with the loan) to secure a loan and, if the borrower doesn’t pay the loan, the lender can take ownership of the asset

For more detailed definitions for each of these leasing options, read the agreement specification.

As part of a twin commercial solution, this agreement is supported by RM6146 Leasing Advisory Services. 

When using this DPS you can either:

  1. choose to run a further competition directly with funders
  2. appoint a leasing advisor through RM6146

The leasing advisor will then run a further competition to get funding through this DPS on your behalf.

Below is a list of four filter categories and a brief description. When registering to join the DPS a supplier will select which services they would like to offer from each of the four filter categories.

As a buyer, you will also need to use the filters to select which options are suitable for your needs. The options you select will create a shortlist of suitable suppliers.

Filter 1: customer type 

Allows the supplier to select which areas of the public sector they are interested in lending to:

  • central government
  • ministry of defence 
  • local authorities
  • health
  • education
  • other

Filter 2: funding type

Provides a choice of funding arrangements including:

  • hire purchase
  • operating lease
  • finance lease
  • sale and leaseback
  • loan (asset secured)

Suppliers can select to offer one or more funding options.

Filter 3: asset class

The majority of assets can be funded through the DPS with only a few exceptions:

Suppliers can choose the assets which they would consider funding.

Filter 4: engagement size

Specifies the value of the asset being funded and allows suppliers to choose the value range they would consider funding. The asset value must be at least £2000 to get funding through the DPS, and we have not applied a maximum limit.


  • bespoke terms and conditions, drafted by a specialist law firm which simplifies the process and promotes fair competition
  • enthusiasm for this solution has attracted a wide range of lenders, providing value for money through competition
  • choose your route to market by accessing the DPS directly or by appointing a leasing advisor through RM6146 Leasing Advisory Services
  • bespoke terms and conditions simplifies the legal construct for customers and ensures suppliers are pricing using the same standard terms
  • the CCS Outreach Programme led by CCS’ strategic account managers will engage with customers to build awareness and explain how the DPS can support their needs
  • CCS has engaged with both central government and wider public sector customers to support the development of the solution

Products and suppliers

Please read the 'How to buy' tab below for detailed instructions on how to find out which suppliers are on this agreement.

Lot 1: Leasing and Loan Finance DPS


How to buy

  1. register as a buyer on the Dynamic Purchasing System Marketplace
    1. note: you can use the above webpage to register as a buyer or supplier 
  2. scroll down past ‘Low Value Purchase System’ and then click on ‘Financial Services’ which is listed under ‘Dynamic Purchasing System Marketplace’. 
  3. scroll through the agreements listed under ‘Financial Services’ until you find ‘Leasing and Loan Finance DPS’. Click the link to ‘Access as a buyer’
  4. on your ‘Manage your DPS Category Exports’ page you now have 2 options:
    1. view appointed suppliers
    2. click on the link to create a new category export (this is how you filter the suppliers that can meet your needs)
  5. when creating a new category, use the filtering tool to specify your needs and create your supplier shortlist
  6. save your filtered list of capable suppliers by clicking the “Save Category” option and give the shortlist a unique name specific to your competition 
  7. from the “Manage your Category Exports” page, you can export the list of suppliers and contact details into an Excel spreadsheet 
  8. you will also export the terms and conditions which are suitable for the filter options you have selected
    1. the terms and conditions which become available for export are specific terms and conditions which relate to the lease or loan you have selected in ‘Filter one: Funding Type’ 
    2. when you appoint a supplier from the DPS, the contract used for your call-off will be a version of the PSC (Public Sector Contract) and are the standard contract used for all CCS agreements
    3. the terms and conditions available for download from the DPS supplement the standard PSC
  9. you can now close the DPS webpage
  10. use your list of capable suppliers to run a further competition
  11. invite the suppliers identified by the DPS to bid against your detailed statement of requirements, evaluation criteria and contract format 
    1. as new suppliers can apply to join the DPS at any time, your list of capable suppliers is only valid for 2 working days from the date of its creation
    2. if you don’t use your list within 2 working days, you will need to click ‘search again’ and repeat steps 3a to 5 to create an up to date list 
  12. you can use CCS’s free eSourcing tool to run a call off competition or you can use your organisation’s own procurement tool
    1. use CCS’s eSourcing tool
  13. provide suppliers with a deadline to submit their responses in writing 
    1. note: the deadline you provide should be proportionate to the value and complexity of your needs and should give suppliers enough time to:
      1. review 
      2. prepare a response 
      3. ask clarifying questions and consider your answers
  14. evaluate the supplier responses
  15. if you’re satisfied with the evidence, award the contract
  16. where appropriate, put a notification of the award on Contracts Finder