Vehicle Lease, Fleet Management & Flexible Rental Solutions

Take out a vehicle lease for 2 years or more with options for fleet management and flexible rental solutions.


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This agreement replaces RM3710 Vehicle Lease and Fleet Management which expired in May 2019.


The framework offers lease for 2 or more years on a range of vehicles from standard production to specialist modified or fully converted vehicles.

There are a wide selection of vehicles available including:

  • cars
  • 4x4s
  • motorcycles
  • vans
  • light and heavy commercial vehicles
  • minibuses
  • coaches
  • electric, alternatively fuelled and other ultra low emission vehicles.

Access to flexible rental solutions for shorter term needs (typically for 28 days or longer) are also provided. Flexible rental is usually taken up when an organisation is unable to commit to the 2 year lease but wants better value and more continuity than a daily rented vehicle. It may also be a useful option for “pre-contract” whilst waiting for permanent vehicle delivery. Access to fleet management services and options are available for vehicles hired for 28 days or more.

Vehicles for flexible rental are usually available at relatively short notice, using the suppliers’ stock of vehicles. They can range from fairly standard to fully bespoke converted, if needed.

We also offer an independent fleet management services lot offering the following services:

  • vehicle selection and acquisition
  • driver and vehicle administration services
  • telematic and fuel card management
  • help in ensuring the health and safety of drivers and vehicles
  • option for management of vehicles you already own.


  • competitive discounts saving you money
  • real-time quotations and full cost breakdown means you can compare your options
  • a dedicated independent fleet management lot provides access to specialist vehicle and driver services
  • a dedicated flexible rental lot provides flexible solutions to complement your operations
  • option to use a local dealership for delivery which supports SMEs
  • environmental and social value through ultra-low emission vehicles.

Carbon Reduction

Some of the suppliers for this agreement have agreed to comply with the Procurement Policy Note 06/21: 'Taking account of Carbon Reduction Plans in the procurement of major government contracts'. If a supplier has published a carbon reduction plan, you can find it on their individual supplier details page.

Products and suppliers

There are 37 suppliers on this agreement

Lot 1: Lease of vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes


18 suppliers

Lot 2: Lease of commercial vehicles


5 suppliers

Lot 3: Independent fleet management services


13 suppliers

Lot 4: Flexible rental solutions


18 suppliers

How to buy

Options for direct award and further competition are all available under this agreement. See Framework Schedule 7 for full details of the processes and suggested evaluation criteria.

Get live quotations for standard build cars and LCVs from the CCS Fleet Portal.

For more complex or higher value contracts, consider a further competition against your specification and organisation’s required evaluation criteria.

Further details about how to buy can be found in the customer guidance document under the documents tab.

Pay for these services using your procurement card and increase rebate earning potential for your organisation.  If you do not have a procurement card, you can set one up using RM6248 Payment Solutions 2.