Income Generation from Estates, Assets & IP DPS


Access solutions to generate income from your estates, assets and Intellectual Property (IP). Includes vending machines and automated self service, cash points, portable charging for mobile devices, brand licensing and sponsorship, advertising and other services. Available to all public sector organisations including government departments and their agencies.


Access a broad range of income generation solutions. This will be a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) where suppliers can join at any time.

Services will include:

1. Vending and automated self-service

Suppliers will manage the supply, replenishment and promotion of traditional vending machines and automated retail machines/assets within your estate.

This can include the installation of:

  • traditional vending machines including drinks, crisps and snacks
  • pop up/automated retail including short term or seasonal retail and automated retailing of coffee, food, accessories and consumables
  • photo booths: providing photo card and ID services
  • reverse vending solutions, for example deposit return scheme (DRS) or enhancing recycling for customers supporting the return of empty beverage containers like bottles and cans in return for rewards such as brand discounts or money

2. Brand licensing and sponsorship

Includes both the IP licensing and sponsorship of fixed and non fixed assets:

  • fixed assets can include items such as property and buildings
  • non-fixed assets can include things such as attaching a logo to a piece of clothing or sponsorship of an event

3. Other services

Generate income by renting out space within your estate for machines such as cashpoints (ATMs) and photo booths, advertising, storage lockers and battery charging for portable devices. 

We are also developing a framework agreement for commercial out of home advertising and end to end car park management.  View RM6349 Income Generation from Estates & Assets These 2 agreements will work together to provide a full range of income generation solutions.

The scope of this agreement may be subject to change before publication of the tender. 


  • reduced procurement lead times: frees up capacity and capability to focus on other value-add commercial activity
  • improved efficiency: provides  collaborative, cross government solutions which remove duplication of  cost and effort to run a full procurement process
  • easy access: run mini competitions with market leading suppliers

Customer engagement

We have established a customer working group to:

  • understand the full range of services needed
  • develop the strategy of the agreement
  • build specifications and define the buying process

If you would like to take part in this engagement, email the team. You will need to include ‘income generation solutions (RM6349 / RM6350) customer’ in the subject field of your email. 

Supplier engagement

We have undertaken extensive market engagement activities and are seeking interest from organisations who can provide the agreement services. Read the market engagement presentation from the July and August events

Read the questions and answers from the events. link

If you would like to register your interest in these agreements, email the team. You will need to include ‘income generation solutions (RM6349/RM6350) engagement’ in the subject field of your email. You will also need to include the following details:

  • organisation name
  • contact name
  • job title of contact (including responsibility within your organisation)
  • contact phone number
  • contact email
  • organisation website link

We are working collaboratively with major public transport providers and customers across the public sector, including local authorities, universities and the NHS.  

Important links

Prior Information Notice (PIN) Read PIN
Contract notice Not available yet
Tender documents Not available yet


Activity Estimated dates
Pre-market engagement July to December 2023
Drafting of procurement documents April to July 2024
Publication of Find a Tender (FTS) notice August 2024
Framework award September 2024