Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Discovery and consultancy services related to artificial intelligence (AI), implementation and support of AI systems, end-to-end partnerships, and AI technologies.


02/08/23: We have extended this agreement until November 2024. You will be able to buy and run tenders for services until the new expiry date.


This agreement will use a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) to offer artificial intelligence (AI) services to the whole of the public sector and their associated bodies and agencies. 

If you are new to AI you will be able to procure services through a discovery phase, to get an understanding of AI and how it can benefit your organisation. If you have experience in AI, you will be able to buy licensing, customisation and support directly from suppliers. If you would like both of these things, you will have access to end-to-end partnerships.

The type of technology available using the development, implementation and support of AI services includes AI software applications, machine learning to help with data analytics, intelligent virtual assistants and intelligent personal assistants.

Health and social care bodies will have access to AI applications such as medical imaging software, non-imaging diagnostic software and symptom-based software, to help accelerate AI technologies in health and social care in line with the AI in Health and Care Award.

Contracts under this agreement can range from anything up to four years, depending on the complexity of the project. 

Product types: 

Filter Category Level 1 – Scope of Engagement

The first stage of an AI procurement, this filter includes AI discovery, licencing, customisation and support, end-to-end partnerships.

Filter Category Level 2 – Type of AI

Relates to the type of technology available, examples include AI applications, augmented decision making, data and analytics, virtual assistants and chatbots and medical AI technology.

Filter Category Level 3 – Medical AI Technology

Intended to broadly represent the emerging pipeline of AI technologies in health and social care, this filter includes screening, diagnosis, augmented decision making, improving system efficiency and more.

Filter Category Level 4 – Sector

Relates to the sectors to which a supplier is able to deliver services in an order contract and includes blue light, central government, devolved administrations, health, local government and not-for-profit.


  • customer guidance and ordering processes align to government standards and guidelines, including the Data Ethics Framework and the Office for AI’s Guidelines for AI Procurement
  • promotes standards and criteria for AI and data-driven technology in healthcare
  • addresses ethical considerations when innovating and buying AI and was designed to help customers build a strong ethics process
  • bespoke terms have been added to support Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in the AI market
  • ensures the right suppliers can provide the right service offerings to reduce procurement timescales and provide an easier route to market for the type of AI
  • quality, price and cultural fit (including social value) can be assessed based on individual customer requirements

Products and suppliers

Please read the 'How to buy' tab below for detailed instructions on how to find out which suppliers are on this agreement.

Lot 1: Artificial Intelligence (AI)


How to buy

You must run a mini competition to select a supplier. There is no option for direct award.

Before you run your mini-competition, find out which suppliers could meet your requirements using the Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) Marketplace. This DPS is organised into four distinct categories: Scope of Engagement, Type of AI, Medical AI Technology and Sector.

The steps below outline how to search for suppliers, create a shortlist and carry out a mini competition.

  1. Register on the Supplier Registration Service Dynamic Purchasing System Marketplace (although pages are headed ‘Supplier registration’ this is also where you can register as a buyer).
  2. Navigate to the DPS for Artificial Intelligence and access by agreeing to the terms of use. 
  3. Use filters to enter contract requirements and filter appropriate suppliers.
  4. Export list of DPS suppliers. We recommend that the exported supplier list is used within 2 working days, as new suppliers may be applying to join at any point, which changes the list of potential suppliers. 
  5. Create a competition on your chosen eProcurement / tendering system, inviting the  suppliers you’ve identified and outlining the specification, evaluation criteria and contract format (public sector buyers can use the free CCS eSourcing tool to run a call for competition). 
  6. Conduct competition and evaluate – allow at least 10 days for supplier responses for standard projects. Where a project is more complex consider additional time. 
  7. Decide on which supplier/s you want to use.
  8. Return to the Artificial Intelligence DPS and ask for any required evidence from winning supplier/s. 
  9. Supplier/s will then share evidence through the system (it is recommended to do so within 2 days for non-complex projects, more complex projects will allow for more time).  
  10. Once you’re satisfied with the evidence, proceed to award. 
  11. Inform CCS of the contract award by contacting the Artificial Intelligence DPS team
  12. Issue the contract award notice/contracts finder notice