Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Due to Covid-19 there have been some delays to timescales for this procurement. We are now back on track and the new dates are available in the timeline below.


A Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for artificial intelligence services such as:

  • general artificial intelligence services
  • discovery and consultancy work related to the use of artificial intelligence in public services
  • development, implementation and support of artificial intelligence systems in the public sector
  • data analytics using artificial intelligence
  • development and implementation of intelligent virtual assistants and intelligent personal assistants
  • medical imaging artificial intelligence software, non-imaging diagnostic artificial intelligence software and symptom-based artificial intelligence software

Market engagement

A series of workshops were held in October 2019 with the Office for Artificial Intelligence (AI), government departments and industry, to help us understand the services and buying process required for the DPS.

We will continue to engage with key customers and other stakeholders to ensure the final DPS will support customers in procuring fit-for-purpose solutions.

Supplier engagement

We ran pre-tender market engagements with suppliers in January and February 2020. This covered topics including terms and conditions, the scope of the DPS, intellectual property, and the buying process.

We held a second supplier engagement webinar in June 2020 to update the market with details of the updated scope, DPS filter categories, our proposed IP model and to share draft Public Sector Contracts (PSC) terms and conditions.

Documents are available to view under the documents tab below.

Important links

Prior Information Notice (PIN) Read PIN
Contract Notice in OJEU Read Contract Notice
Download tender documents Not available yet


Activity Estimated dates
Pre-market engagement January to February 2020
Drafting procurement documents March to June 2020
Publication of OJEU August 2020
Framework award September 2020


RM6200 Artificial Intelligence DPS supplier pre-tender market engagement webinar 30 January

RM6200 Questions and answers from Artificial Intelligence DPS supplier pre-market engagement webinar 30 January

RM6200 Artificial Intelligence DPS webinar 30 June 2020

RM6200 Artificial Intelligence DPS Webinar Q&A 30 June 2020