Research & Insights DPS


Research and Insights DPS will be a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) that will offer an extensive range of research services across all methodologies including:

  • market
  • social and economic research
  • insights into communication campaigns

Subject areas the research can cover will grow to include laboratory research services, and some research and development.

Research and Insights DPS will replace RM6018 Research Marketplace which expires in February 2022.

Customer engagement

We are holding engagement sessions with customers such as Government Communication Service Insights and Evaluation group, Government Social Research group, and the Behavioural Insights group. We have also issued a survey to get feedback on the current agreement to ensure we set up a best-in-class DPS agreement for our customers.  

Supplier engagement

We have reached out to trade bodies such as the Market Research Society and the Social Research Association, and sought feedback from a survey shared with suppliers on RM6018 which will help us understand how users interact with the current system and identify opportunities for improvement.  

We are running supplier engagement sessions with all suppliers currently on RM6018 as well as those that have expressed an interest by way of our published PIN, to share information and shape the replacement DPS.

RM6126 Research Marketplace supplier webinar

RM6126 Webinar Q&A version 2

Watch the recorded webinar on YouTube.

Please send us any questions, feedback or comments on this, we’d love to hear from you. You can reach us at

Important links

Prior Information Notice (PIN) Read PIN
Contract Notice in OJEU Not available yet
Tender documents Not available yet


Activity Estimated dates
Pre-market engagement August 2020 to January 2021
Drafting of procurement documentation February to September 2021
Publication of OJEU notice October 2021
Framework Award November 2021
Transition November 2021 to February 2022