Multifunctional Devices, Print and Digital Workflow Software Services and Managed Print Service Provision


This agreement will provide access to multifunctional devices, managed print services, technical resources, digital workflow, cloud solutions for digital transition and print consultancy services.


All UK public sector organisations including central government departments and their agencies, the wider public sector and the third sector can use this agreement.

This agreement will allow buyers access to:

  • Multifunctional Devices (MFDs)
  • print management software to monitor your printing and reduce waste
  • managed print services
  • workflow integration which can sort through and combine your documents (such as records management or hybrid mail) to help reduce waste
  • print consultancy services which can support you with:
    • drafting specifications and tender documents
    • evaluation of tenders
    • independent audits of your print volumes or current fleet devices (where needed)

You will also be able to use interim technical resources to support your own internal resources when needed.

This agreement is for buyers who need support with:

  • replacing or rationalising their current MFD needs
  • managing their existing number of MFDs through walk in take-over: this is where the supplier will walk in and take over management of the customer’s current MFDs
  • finding solutions to reduce their print volumes
  • designing and implementing digital technology solutions to support transformation of their current business processes
  • developing digital workflow solutions to provide a more strategic view when managing and operating their internal business processes
  • cloud based hosting through public, private or community cloud using:
    • Software as a Service (SaaS)
    • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
    • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

IaaS provides cloud ‘hardware’ which allows you to build a platform which you can use to run your application.

PaaS is a pre built cloud infrastructure that is designed to run a specific or range of applications, such as a finance application or software development environment.

Also included is a GovPrint service which has been designed to provide a shared print and scan service for GPA Hub clients. The service includes a range of multifunctional devices, cloud services and operational services such as break fix. Break fix provides reactive technical support services when needed. This helps to reduce business downtime and minimises hardware failures.


  • access to the latest hardware, software and services in the market
  • flexible route to market using further competition or direct award
  • services complement and support Estate Rationalisation Project(s) and Government Hubs Programme
  • uses the agreed Public Sector Contract (PSC) terms and conditions

Product types: 

The lotting structure of this framework is indicative at this time and will be finalised as a result of the market engagement.

  • Lot 1: Multifunctional Print Devices (MFDs) and Basic Print Management Software

Multifunctional Devices, Entry Level Print Management Software (including consumables)

  • Lot 2: Multifunctional Print Devices (MFDs) Print Management, Digital Workflow Software

Extended catalogue of Multifunctional Devices, Print Management and Software Services (including consumables)

  • Lot 3: MFDs, Print Management and/or Digital Workflow under Managed Service Provision

Managed Print, Audit and Consultancy services (including consumables)

  • Lot 4: GovPrint Service including Interoperability

GovPrint, a shared cloud based managed print service

  • Lot 5: Print Consultancy Services

Auditing and consultancy services

Customer engagement

As we are in the very early stages of this agreement there has not been specific customer engagement at this time. 

If you have any feedback or comments regarding what you would like to see in this framework, please send us an email

Supplier engagement

Supplier engagement started in November 2023. Information on how to take part can be found in the PIN [under the Attachments heading and download the RM6361 Multifunctional Devices – How to register for the Market Engagement.docx]

Important links

Prior Information Notice (PIN) Read PIN 
Contract Notice in Find a Tender (FTS) Contract notice
Tender documents Not available yet


Activity Estimated dates
Pre-market engagement Dec 2023 to Jan 2024
Drafting of procurement documentation TBC
Publication of find a tender (FTS) notice November 2023
Framework Award June 2025