Housing Maintenance and Repair

All central government and wider public sector organisations can buy housing maintenance and repair services. Includes planned and reactive maintenance and repair for both tenanted and vacant properties.


Access a range of maintenance, repair and essential compliance services. This can include:

  • planned maintenance on both tenanted and empty properties
  • responsive repairs
  • essential compliance services (fire safety, electrical testing and asbestos management)
  • whole home retrofit: carrying out property improvements to make sure it is as energy efficient as possible while helping to achieve Net Zero Goals with PAS 2030/35 certified suppliers
  • housing portfolio management

Our housing portfolio management service also provides a centralised service to manage your housing needs including:

  • move ins and outs
  • disposals
  • managing and fulfilling repair requests

You can easily find suitable suppliers for your needs using our DPS filtering system. You can filter suppliers by:

  • service
  • location
  • building type
  • total contract value


  • buy all housing maintenance and repair services from one place
  • supports section 20 of the landlord and tenant act of 1985: suppliers identified as part of the consultation process are able to onboard to the agreement at any time
  • granular service level: you can buy services individually or as a bundle to meet your needs
  • designed to provide local and regional expertise by attracting and keeping SMEs
  • built in legal protections: uses public sector contracts to protect public sector buyers
  • uses various industry terms: buyers can use NEC and JCT contracts
  • supports government carbon net zero policy objectives to help tenants save on their energy bills and achieve your Carbon Net Zero goals through:
  • our PAS 2030/35 certified suppliers who offer whole home retrofit services
  • access a pool of suppliers who we have vetted and verified to ensure compliance
  • key policy themes supported such as: social value, prompt payment and tackling modern slavery
  • access a housing category forum to discuss sector issues along with other key topics which would benefit customers and suppliers

How to buy

To buy through this agreement you should follow these simple steps:

  1. watch our ‘how to register on the CCS DPS marketplace’ video
  2. to give you more information about this DPS, read the buyer guide and buyer needs documents
  3. secure budget approval(s) internally following your organisations own internal processes
  4. estimate the procurement timeline (consider in the timeline the complexity of your needs and when you need the services by)
  5. complete the customer user agreement (CUA) and return to us by emailing the team
  6. use the DPS marketplace to shortlist your suppliers (increasing the number of chosen filters will reduce the amount of suppliers shortlisted)
  7. prepare your bid pack in line with the buyer guide (you can download the bid pack documents below)
  8. key things you will need to complete or should consider when preparing your bid pack include:
    1. your specification or scope of services needed
    2. a set of award questions and marking criteria
    3. a price matrix and instructions for suppliers on how to complete them
    4. a set of KPIs (KPI matrix) and performance metrics to monitor your contract
    5. a completed set of schedules or terms and conditions (this will vary depending on the type of contract you choose)
    6. Transfer of Undertakings Protection of Employment (TUPE)  information and requirements
  9. you will need to decide whether you are using the Public Sector Contract (PSC), NEC or JCT contracts
    1. if you are using NEC or JCT, the team is able to share boilerplate documents should you need them
    2. email info@crowncommercial.gov.uk for boilerplate documents  
  10. once your bid pack is ready, host your tender on your chosen platform and invite your shortlisted suppliers to tender
  11. follow your evaluation, complete your own supplier checks and award your contract
  12. inform us of the contract award using our contract award notification template