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Why sell through CCS?

The public sector spends billions each year buying goods and services from the private sector. Winning a contract to provide products and services to public sector buyers is a great way to:

  • increase your revenues
  • enhance your reputation
  • grow your organisation

Our commercial agreements are designed to help organisations of all sizes sell to the government. We can help you sell to 20,000 UK public sector buyers spending over £31 billion a year. 

There are currently 4 ways to sell through CCS. These are: frameworks, dynamic purchasing systems (DPS), catalogues, low value purchase system.

Below is a brief description of how they work.

Find out more about the different ways you can sell through CCS

  • Frameworks

    Frameworks help the public sector to buy goods and services from businesses. Suppliers bid or ‘tender’ competitively to be awarded places on frameworks.

    Become a supplier on a framework

  • Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS)

    DPSs are similar to frameworks but suppliers can apply to join a DPS at any time during the agreement’s life. 

    Become a supplier on a DPS

  • Catalogues

    Catalogues are for supplying simple everyday purchases, such as IT equipment.

    Become a supplier on a catalogue

  • Low Value Purchase System (LVPS)

    Supply common goods and services for contract values below the relevant thresholds detailed in PPN 11/23. Suppliers are able to join at any time.

    Register to become a LVPS supplier

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