Gigabit Capable Connectivity DPS

Fibre optic infrastructure and services, including both dark fibre and lit services.  


This Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) uses a filter system to help you find relevant suppliers.

The filters available are:


  • Broadband Connectivity Services – gigabit capable internet connectivity
  • Infrastructure Build Services – build of connectivity infrastructure not including services or internet connectivity
  • Managed Infrastructure Services – connectivity access between two specific sites, inclusive of maintenance.


You can also filter by:


  • location
  • accreditation such as Public Services Network (PSN), Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) 





  • flexible contract length to suit your procurement
  • supports your organisation’s technology upgrade programme
  • savings from lower cost and or more efficient technologies
  • no lot restrictions, filter based on your requirements
  • developed with Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) to deliver fibre infrastructure and broadband services
  • continuously developing and innovative marketplace as suppliers join



Products and suppliers

Please read the 'How to buy' tab below for detailed instructions on how to find out which suppliers are on this framework.

Lot 1: Gigabit Capable Connectivity


How to buy

  1. Register as a buyer on the Dynamic Purchasing System Marketplace.  Note: although pages are headed ‘Supplier registration’ this is also where you can register as a buyer.
  2. Navigate to Gigabit Capable Connectivity DPS under Technology and choose the “Access as a buyer” option and confirm your acceptance of the customer access agreement.
  3. On your Manage your DPS Category Exports page you now have 2 options:
    1. View appointed suppliers
    2. Click on the link to create a new category export. This is how you filter the suppliers that can meet your requirements.
  4. When creating a new category use the filtering tool (select all that apply) to specify your requirements and create your supplier shortlist.
  5. Save your filtered list of capable suppliers by clicking the Save Category option and give the shortlist a unique name specific to your competition. From your Manage your Category Exports page you can then export the list of suppliers and contact details (export is to an Excel spreadsheet).
  6. Quit the DPS
  7. Use the list to run a Further Competition. Invite the suppliers identified by the DPS to bid against your detailed specification, evaluation criteria and contract format.
  8. The list is valid for only 2 working days, from the date of its creation, because new suppliers may apply to join at any point. If your Call for Competition excludes eligible suppliers it potentially breaches procurement regulations. You will need to get a fresh supplier list (steps 3.2 to 5) if you don’t use your list within 2 working days by clicking the Search Again option for your export.
  9. You can use CCS’s eSourcing tool to run a Call for Competition. The tool is free to use for public sector buyers, or you can use your organisation’s own procurement tool.
  10. Your tender process should be proportionate to the value and complexity of your requirement. Suppliers will need a reasonable period of time to review and prepare a response. This includes allowing sufficient time for suppliers to ask clarification questions and consider your answers before the deadline for written responses.
  11. Evaluate the responses
  12. Request from winning supplier(s) any required evidence that they can meet your requirements. Set them a deadline for submitting evidence of 2 days.
  13. If you’re satisfied with the evidence, award the contract
  14. Where appropriate, notify of the award on Contracts Finder.

We also use our complementary aggregation service to bring together customers with similar requirements

  • we leverage the volume to create greater commercial benefits for customers
  • we manage the procurement process from start to finish
  • email for more information