Using aggregation, also known as collective buying, CCS can get a highly competitive price and favourable terms from suppliers, when more customers need the same, or similar, products and services.

Aggregation brings customers together to get savings through increased buying power. This benefits all customers who get involved.

Joining one of our aggregated procurements (national further competitions or NFCs) will save you time, as well as money because we run the procurement for you, so there is very little administration for you to deal with.

Our aim is to make sure all our customers get great value for money and benefit from our commercial expertise.

Aggregation opportunities are simple to join as the procurement is run for you.

Take a look at our current opportunities

How to buy

  • give us details about what you need, such as a description of the product and/or service, volumes and timescales

You can send these details to us by completing the general enquiry form on Contact CCS or email the team directly:

  • we will find all scheduled aggregation opportunities which are appropriate for you to join
  • we have many opportunities to join an aggregated procurement

Best for:

  • most common goods and services, or a specific need that can be combined with other public sector organisations
  • needs that are in the scope of current agreements
  • no specific deadline. It can take some time to get enough customers together to get the best savings

Not appropriate for:

  • complex needs
  • services unique to a single buyer
  • urgent timeline. Buying from a direct catalogue may be quicker

Payment methods

This will differ depending on the framework you are using

Who can use

Anyone who is eligible to use CCS frameworks.

Time to supply

Aggregation opportunities (National Further Competitions) are advertised and open for customers to join about 8 weeks before the tender is published.

Once the tender is published, it takes about 6 to 8 weeks for the procurement process to be awarded.

After this, with support from the aggregation team, your orders can be submitted to the winning supplier.

These timelines may vary depending on the size and complexity of the procurement.


  • combined buying power to get the best prices
  • simple tender procedure using standard processes and documents that comply with public procurement regulations
  • CCS manage the process for you, free of charge
  • reduces bidder costs


  • takes time to get a big enough group of customers together to get bigger savings