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We recognise that with budgets and resources more squeezed than ever, public procurement is no easy task. At CCS, we offer a complimentary aggregation service, also known as collective buying, to help take some of the pressure off. By combining the similar needs of customers from across the public sector, we can increase our national buying power to achieve savings that would not be possible by individual purchasing.

Our team of experts deliver social and economic value on a day-to-day basis, so are able to take care of the process for you to get the best possible deal, which releases your internal resources to focus on other areas of your business or on more complex procurements.

Find out how we can help you make smarter buying decisions.

Current opportunities

Take a look at our current opportunities. We update this list regularly, but if you would like to join our mailing list to find out about aggregation opportunities you can send us your details.

IT hardware

With more public sector organisations operating from home due to COVID-19, there is greater demand for additional IT hardware to enable organisations to function outside of their office environments.

To support this, we’re running a national further competition to help with the purchase of IT hardware under our Technology Products and Associated Services (RM6068) framework, to help organisations get the best possible deal. 

This competition covers products and services including (but not limited to):

  • laptops, hybrid devices, 2 in 1 devices
  • desktops, thin clients
  • tablet devices (including iPads and Microsoft Surface devices)
  • monitors, AV kit
  • peripherals (such as keyboards, mice, cables, adapters, sleeves, cases, bags)
  • mobile phone handsets (note: you may not procure the sim card and contract via this aggregation)
  • services (such as asset tagging, extended warranty, imaging, storage)

Why get involved?

In our latest aggregation for IT hardware, we helped 8 customers save over £810,000 on equipment such as laptops, desktops and tablets, which was an average saving of 21%.

Read our latest case study to find out more. 

Who can join?

The opportunity is available to all public and third sector organisations.

Existing consortiums, customer user groups / forums are welcome to join this procurement – where more appropriate, we can work with such groups to deliver an individual procurement that aggregates only across their membership.

Programme of Events

  • autumn 2021 – customer requirements need to be submitted by 30 September 2021. The procurement will be run in October 2021 and the award date will be 3 November 2021. Customers should expect to receive their kit between 8 November 2021 – 8 November 2022

Join the opportunity

Download our customer webinar to lean more about our latest opportunity.

If you would like to learn more or request a copy of the customer requirement template, please get in touch by completing our form quoting ‘IT hardware aggregation’ in the comments box and one of our team will be in touch.

Microsoft cloud based services

To support the agreed Digital Transformation Arrangements (DTA) with Microsoft, sometimes referred to as the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), CCS will be running a number of aggregated competitions to assist customers in procuring their Microsoft requirements.

Who can join?

Any customer can join the aggregation, though in order to access the MoU discounts you must be an eligible customer as defined in the MoU. Most public sector bodies are eligible, though you will be required to confirm your eligibility before joining. 

A. Eligibility criteria for UK Public Sector Customers

You are a Contracting Authority as defined in the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 or the Public Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2015 (as these are subsequently amended, or as contracting authorities are renamed or restructured from time to time) with the exception of:

• utilities as defined in the Utilities Contracts Regulations or the Utilities Contracts (Scotland) regulations 2016;
• any company or entity (or any defined part of an entity) which operates on a for-profit basis (see below); and
• any entity which Microsoft and CCS have specifically agreed should be excluded.

Does your organisation operate on a for-profit basis?

If you are a Contracting Authority but your organisation operates on a for-profit basis then you are not eligible for the special terms and prices. For the purposes of these eligibility criteria, the following additional criteria will be applied to profit-making public sector organisations to determine whether such organisation is considered for-profit:

• Do the revenues/profits of your organisation go solely to UK Government (no profits go to private shareholders)?
• Is your organisation exempt from corporation tax?
• Is your organisation financed more than 50% by UK Government (i.e., does it derive less than 50% of its funding from commercial activities)?

If the answer to all of these questions is “yes,” then your organisation shall not be considered for-profit.

If the answer to any of the questions above is “no,” then your organisation shall be considered for-profit and you will not be eligible for the DTA special terms and prices.

B. Eligibility criteria for UK Social Enterprises

You are an organisation or business that exists primarily for a social or environmental purpose and works with UK Public Sector organisations as defined above (a “Social Enterprise”).

To be eligible the Social Enterprise must meet all of the following criteria:

• be a UK trading entity;
• have a stated primary aim of performing a social or environmental purpose;
• reinvest all profits back into the business or the stated social or environmental purpose; and
• generate more than 50% of your revenue from commission services to Public Sector organisations

In addition, the Social Enterprise must take one of the following legal forms:

• a Trading Charitable Organisation; being a registered charity that derives less than 10% of its funding from voluntary donations and legacies. Registered charity status can be proven with either a registered charity number from a recognised UK charity regulator or HM Revenue and Customs
• a “registered society” as defined in the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014
• a Cooperative Society registered pursuant to the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act
• a Friendly Society incorporated under the Friendly Societies Act 1992
• a Community Benefit Society registered pursuant to the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014
• a social or community enterprise (set up as a trust, company limited by guarantee, partnership or unincorporated association) which trade in goods or services with a defined social mission
• a registered Community Interest Company registered under the Companies (Audits, Investigations and Community Enterprise) Act 2004 as amended

Microsoft and Crown Commercial Service reserve the right to review and reject the status of any organisation as being eligible for the DTA special terms and prices.


  • NFC138 Autumn 2021 – engage with CCS by 31 July 2021, provide final requirements by 15 September 2021, tender published by 30 September 2021, tender deadline by 15 October 2021, award by 29 October 2021 for enrolments between 1 December 2021 and 31 May 2022
  • NFC Spring 2022 – engage with CCS by 31 January 2022, provide final requirements by 18 March 2022, tender published by 31 March 2022, tender deadline by 15 April 2022, award by 29 April 2022 for enrolments between 1 June 2022 and 30 November 2022

Join the opportunity

Download our customer webinar to learn more about our latest opportunity.

To register your interest in any of these competitions, please contact us by completing our form stating ‘Microsoft Aggregation’.

Mobile voice and data services

For many public sector organisations, the routine purchase of mobile voice and data services can lead to varying contract end dates. This makes it difficult to switch suppliers to gain better value, as savings may be reduced due to early termination charges. 

To support customers with their mobile voice and data requirements, we’re running a national further competition under lot 6 of our Network Services 2 (RM3038) framework, to help organisations achieve savings which would not be reduced by early termination of existing contracts. 

The benefits of joining this opportunity are:

  • phased migration across a 12 month period – the requirement is for 80% of nominated connections to transition to the winning bidder within the first year of the contract award. This provides flexibility when existing contracts are yet to terminate and helps to avoid early termination charges
  • co-terminus contract term – all connections will cease on a common end date, helping to prevent inconsistent contract end dates to simplify future procurement
  • ‘build your own’ tariff approach – the aggregated procurement allows for a base connection with no line rental charge, negating zero-use costs

Why get involved?

In our latest aggregation for mobile voice and data services in February 2020, we helped customers from the health and education sectors save on average 72% compared to current customer spend, which is the equivalent saving of £1.1 million for those who took part. 

Read our latest case study to find out more. 

Who can join?

This opportunity is available to all public and third sector organisations. For this particular aggregation, please consider the following:

  • you have a requirement that can or must be fulfilled between November 2021 and February 2022 – this is not suitable for those with urgent requirements.
  • are confident that your requirement will be fulfilled through this competition.
  • are able to accept the network coverage provided by the suppliers listed under lot 6 of our Network Services 2 (RM3038) agreement. 
  • are in a position to migrate at least 80% of your nominated connections to the winning bidder within 12 months of award of the aggregated procurement.

Programme of Events

  • NFC137 – customer requirements need to be submitted by 13 September 2021. The procurement will be run in October 2021 and awarded in November 2021. Customers should expect service to be available from January 2022.

Join the opportunity

If you would like to speak to a member of our team or request a copy of the customer requirement template, please get in touch by completing our form quoting Mobiles aggregation’ in the comments box. 

To join one of the NFC137 customer webinars please register below:

Tuesday 29 June 2021 11am
Wednesday 30 June 2021 2pm

Software led technology solutions for local authorities

Are you from a local authority that wants to buy software-led office systems, such as:

  • app-related consultancy services
  • software support and maintenance
  • software licences
  • maintenance services including developing, testing and implementing software updates

We’re looking into running national further competitions in these areas to increase buying power and help you achieve savings, using the following lots for local authorities via our Data and Application Solutions (RM3821) framework.

  • business applications (lot 2a): revenue and benefit systems, payment processes, civil enforcement systems
  • environmental and planning (lot 2b): environmental health, property and housing management, planning enforcement, licensing, waste management
  • citizen services (lot 2c): library solutions, electoral, registrar systems, sports and recreation, burials and crematoria
  • community health and social care (lot 3c): social care case management, social care finances, home care

You can also include:

  • application hosting
  • managed application services
  • database administration services
  • disaster recovery and backup services

Join the opportunity

If you are from a local authority and have a requirement for any of the above and would like to know more, please get in touch by completing our form quoting ‘software for local authorities aggregation’ in the comments box.

Fixed voice and unified communications

We are looking to run a national further competition for fixed telephony services, driven by organisational restructuring arising from COVID-19 and the transition to partial or full home-working. 

The proposal also recognises BT’s declared withdrawal of the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) by 2025, and the need for customers to develop strategies and plan well ahead for the changing public telephony environment and replacement of legacy equipment and systems. 

While many customers will predominantly use mobile telephony, some sectors will continue to need substantial fixed infrastructure, for example NHS, Ministry of Defence, some government departments; and these could benefit from rationalisation to suit their altered circumstances. 

The requirement would include:

  • VoIP connectivity 
  • a core set of standard call and management features  
  • support for smartphones and virtual clients on computers and tablets
  • optional bolt-ons such as collaboration features, integrated messaging, advanced voice and video conferencing, call centre services 
  • any special requirements such as location-based phones in lifts etc; alarms; support for fax
  • VoIP-compatible handsets 
  • integration with collaboration services such as Microsoft Teams 

Join the opportunity

If you would like to learn more, get involved or have any suggestions of ways in which we can support your organisation, please get in touch by completing our form quoting ‘Fixed voice aggregation’ in the comments box and one of our team will be in touch.

IT hardware leasing

Many public sector organisations have faced difficulties with forecasting IT Hardware requirements in response to a rapidly changing working environment. With the need to respond quickly to the wider need for flexible and remote working, sometimes on a temporary basis or while organisations consider longer-term plans and changes to old ways of working, the ability to accurately project IT requirements has become challenging.

To support public sector organisations we’re exploring whether IT Hardware leasing would assist with alleviating some of this pressure. 

Some identified benefits of leasing IT hardware include;

  • no upfront cost for the devices, avoiding a large one-off payment
  • access to higher specification of equipment
  • potential to upgrade devices more frequently, at the end of lease term
  • support sustainability as devices can be repurposed/ recycled
  • provides control and predictability of costs
  • option to purchase equipment at market value at the end of the lease term

Our aim is to bring together multiple public sector organisations to increase requirement volume/value which increases buying power to leverage the best value and achieve savings. 

The procurement will be completed using Lot 1 of the Technology Products and Associated Services framework agreement (RM6068).

Who can join?

This opportunity will be open to all public and third sector organisations.


Expressions of interest and engagement with interested organisations are now underway. 

This procurement is expected to run in Autumn 2021, this is a provisional date and will be dependent on customer requirements.

Express an interest in this opportunity

If you would like to express interest, get involved or have any suggestions of how a leasing option can support your organisation, please get in touch by completing our form quoting ‘IT Hardware Leasing’ in the comments box and one of our team will be in touch. 

Adobe ETLA

The CCS Adobe Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA) is a long-standing arrangement that provides heavily discounted enterprise level Adobe pricing. This includes both online and offline versions of their cloud product set, including the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite.

There are quarterly aggregated intakes to access the associated discounts. Details of the upcoming intakes are outlined in the table below:

Deadline for Submitting Order Contract Start Date
27/07/21 11/08/21
10/09/21 24/09/21
03/12/21 17/12/21

Customers can access the pricing and generate quotes/orders using our Technology Online Purchasing Content catalogue. The catalogue entry description will reference the ‘Adobe ETLA’ if it is an MoU based opportunity. 

Join the Opportunity

If you would like to learn more about this opportunity, feel free to contact the team at

ANPR/CCTV for traffic and parking enforcement

We are calling for expressions of interest in a proposed national further competition (NFC) for automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) and CCTV cameras. This could help customers save money on devices to help monitor and enforce parking areas and traffic restricted zones such as clean air zones, bus lanes or safety initiative areas.

The structure of the NFC would include a common requirement agreed between all customers with scope for individual requirements for each participating customer.

The route to market would be via new framework agreement RM6099 Transport Technology & Associated Services which is anticipated to be live from October 2021. We would look to agree timescales for the NFC with customers according to their requirements.

If you might be interested then please get in touch by completing our form quoting ‘ANPR aggregation’ in the comments box and one of our team will be in touch.

Water and wastewater supply

We run quarterly managed further competitions through lot 1 of our Water and Wastewater Supply framework to help you make sure you are getting best value and a great service from your water supplier. 

These further competitions are open to all public sector, non-residential premises in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

By choosing your retail water supplier with CCS you will get a high quality service with a dedicated account manager and customer service team. Customers are also benefiting from savings of up to 10%. 

View our infographic

Infographic – accessible format

Watch our short film to learn more:

Get involved

To take part in our next aggregation in October 2021 you will need to download and complete this switching template and email it to by 27 August 2021.

If these dates don’t work for you, there will be another aggregation in January 2022, closing date 13 November.

For more information about aggregation dates, view our customer timetable.


Using our National Fuels framework, you can access a variety of solid and liquid fuels, including:

  • liquified gas
  • greases
  • lubricants
  • antifreeze

We are running quarterly aggregated further competitions to get you the best prices. Join the next aggregation if you:

  • are new to the opportunity
  • have joined already and would like to add new sites for the start of the next financial year

By joining this aggregation you will enjoy an easy route to market, with options for both regional and national suppliers.

Join the opportunity

To take part in the next aggregation complete our form and quote ‘National Fuels aggregation’ in the comments box.

Fleet eAuctions

We run a series of vehicle eAuctions a year. By combining customer needs, we can help organisations make great savings on the cost of vehicles, whether you need 1 or 1,000.

By using standardised vehicle specifications, and our bulk buying power to make your requirements more attractive to suppliers, customers can save as much as 40% on the manufacturer’s retail price.

Our eAuctions run under lots 1 and 2 of the Vehicle Purchase framework. You can have any volume or vehicle type. We can also help you if you want to lease instead of buy vehicles.

Join the opportunity

To find out more about getting involved get in touch, complete our form and quote ‘Fleet eAuctions’ in the comments box.

Potential opportunities

We can set up aggregations as long as there is a customer need. There are lots of potential opportunities. Take a look below for more information.


The aggregation team will consider all opportunities for aggregation in the technology category. Some of the products and services available through aggregation are:

  • body worn cameras
  • data applications for local authorities
  •  fixed line telephony
  • audio or video conferencing
  • IT hardware/peripherals/network equipment
  • IT hardware leasing
  • network connectivity/broadband
  • paging and alerting services
  • radio services
  • sector specific competitions
  • software/applications/platforms
  • traffic management technology

Join the opportunity

To express interest in one of these opportunities, or find out more about them, complete our form and select ‘Technology’.

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