Technology Products & Associated Services 2


05/05/22: The second round of supplier pre-market engagement is taking place on Wednesday 22 June 2022.  See the TechUK webpage for more information. 


Provides public sector buyers with a flexible way to buy technology products and associated services. Includes all their end user devices, technology infrastructure and software needs.


This is the next iteration of this agreement and will replace the current Technology Products and Associated Services (TePAS).

Our aim is to design a simple, flexible and efficient route to market which will provide all your needs for technology products and help you to develop end to end digital solutions.

This means you will be able to buy both the products and services you need from resellers and the original equipment manufacturers (OEM)s in a sustainable and cost effective manner.

This agreement will offer the same range of products and services from our current TePAS agreement. We will make enhancements to the scope based on market engagement feedback and trends.


  • provides a complete range of technology products and services for a variety of purchase models
  • simplifies the customer experience, especially for your ‘technology as a service”’ needs
  • enables sustainability by providing end to end services for the lifecycle of technology products for example: buy, upgrade, maintain and recycle

Pre-market engagement sessions

We shall be holding more pre-market engagement sessions in the near future and these will be available soon.


RM6098 Buyers market engagement slides

RM6098 Suppliers market engagement slides

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Prior Information Notice (PIN) Read PIN
Contract notice Above Threshold Procurement (ATP) Not available yet
Tender documents Not available yet


Activity Estimated date
Pre-market engagement 26 February 2022
Market engagement Spring / summer 2022
Drafting of procurement documents Spring 2022
Publication of Above Threshold Procurement (ATP) Autumn 2022
Framework award Spring 2023