Fund Administration & Disbursement Services DPS (FAADS)


Public sector, central government and wider public sector customers can access the services they need to create and manage their grant or loan scheme.


This agreement will replace RM6172 Grant Administration Services

You will be able to use this agreement to access a variety of suppliers who can provide the following services: 

  • design and development including: programme guidance, design elements, application forms and processes
  • market engagement and promotion including: communication and marketing, target audiences and pre application guidance
  • application and award services including: administration, customer services, grant assessment and award, payment processing and performance monitoring
  • evaluation services including: designing strong evaluation systems, measuring impact and outcomes, carrying out site visits and evaluating lessons learnt
  • counter fraud services including: fraud detection, post-event assurance, grant review and mitigation of future risk
  • full programme management: a combination of two or more of the above services

These schemes can be for grants, loans, open loop vouchers, benefits or any other type of fund that you need to pay.

Our priority is to provide high-quality services that meet your needs by developing a dynamic commercial model.

This agreement does not support the implementation, distribution and management of funds through closed loop retail vouchers. Closed loop vouchers are used when the merchant (retailer) who issues the voucher redeems it. They are also known as gift cards.


  • fully compliant with UK and EU regulations and developed in line with the Government Function Standards Govs 015: Grants
  • provides a simpler and quicker process
  • allows buyers the flexibility to add suppliers at any time 
  • a dynamic filtering system allows you to filter supplier offers 
  • you can build your statement of requirements, competitions and contracts to suit your needs
  • the terms and conditions are pre-agreed and simplified 
  • opportunity to access a wider supply chain

Customer engagement

Customer engagement is ongoing and we welcome feedback throughout our business case development. We will make a draft specification available shortly. If you are a potential customer and you are interested in engaging with us, email the team.

Supplier engagement

Supplier engagement has begun and will continue throughout March and April 2022. Any supplier who is interested in engaging with us should email the team.


RM6322 Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

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Activity Estimated dates
Pre-market engagement February to April 2022
Drafting of procurement documents May to July 2022
Publication of contract notice November 2022
Framework award November 2022