Payment Solutions 2


Enables the public sector to buy goods and services against a procurement card. Prepaid solutions enable payment to those who do not have other means of accessing funds.


This agreement represents a sixth iteration Procurement Card solution to buy all common goods and services and a second iteration of prepaid solutions for disbursement of funds.

It will provide access to the supply and maintenance of payment solutions which will allow users to buy goods and services, including travel. It will also offer prepaid solutions for those who do not have other means of accessing funds.

The agreement will be for an initial term of 3 years with the option for a 1 year extension and is designed to replace RM3828 Payment Solutions which expires in December 2022.


  • an annual rebate payable by your chosen supplier and based on your spend 
  • switching to this programme can typically save between £28 and £45 per card in annual card fees when compared against industry related fees
  • saving of at least £5 for each transaction when compared to traditional buying methods (such as bank transfer payments)
  • some customers have reduced the number of invoices they have to deal with by as much as 45% by moving to a procurement card solution
  • suppliers are guaranteed to be paid within 4 working days, helping you meet government’s prompt payment targets, improving cash flow and enabling social value
  • analysis of management information to help you understand spending behaviours and support future contract negotiations with frequently used suppliers
  • control spending by setting monthly or single transaction limits using MCG (Merchant Category Group’s) and MCC (Merchant Category Codes)
  • ‘Lodge’ a card with your top spending suppliers so employees can buy efficiently without the need for a physical card
  • ‘Lodge and Virtual’ card solutions reducing physical card use and contributing to Social Value goals
  • suppliers are accredited to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)
  • discount on the value of the voucher scheme is available based on the size of the scheme
  • voucher distribution is fast, secure and designed to meet the needs of the general public
  • the supplier will have procedures in place to provide replacement vouchers and refunds for unused vouchers
  • a wide range of grocery and non grocery merchants vouchers are available
  • you will not need to enter into negotiations with new merchants, providers will try to onboard any merchants you ask for
  • the supplier platform used to provide the voucher schemes will give the buyer a fully transparent view of all orders at all stages
  • the supplier will make sure that the vouchers are valid for a length of time specified by the buyer

Product types

Lot 1: Procurement Card
There are 3 types of cards

  • virtual card: makes a payment without disclosing the actual card details
  • lodged card: where the card details are ‘digitally placed’ in a payments system
  • plastic card: a traditional payment card

Lot 2: Prepaid Card

  • prefunded cards

Lot 3: Vouchers

  • managed closed loop voucher schemes

Customer engagement

We have worked with customers to develop the agreement specification to meet their current and future needs.

Supplier engagement

We completed 5 rounds of supplier engagement from October 2021 to February 2022. This helped us to develop the agreement specification so that it meets customer needs and market offerings.

Suppliers will need to provide the following mandatory certificates (equivalents will not be accepted):

  • cyber essentials plus which applies to lots 1, 2 and 3
  • payment card industry data security standard (PCI DSS) which applies to lots 1 and 2

We have issued the invitation to tender (ITT) and participating suppliers will need to follow the instructions detailed in the bid pack.

You should read each question and component part thoroughly and provide a full response without using links or generic wording. If you split the ITT and distribute to various areas or departments of your business, you must ensure that you include all relevant instructions and guidance.

Important links

Prior Information Notice (PIN) Read PIN
Contract Notice in Find a Tender Service (FTS) Contract notice
Tender documents Download documents


Activity Estimated dates
Pre-market engagement Autumn/winter 2021/2022
Drafting of procurement documents Spring 2022
Publication of FTS notice 6 May 2022
Framework award November 2022