Space-Enabled and Geospatial Services


A Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) that gives access to products and solutions enabled for outer space such as earth observation. A space enabled solution solves real world challenges and needs by using communications and broadcast data, geospatial data, remote sensing, unmanned aerial solutions or a combination of these things.

This DPS is for use by the public sector and their associated bodies and agencies. These products and services will help to transform public services using advances in technology (such as space data, communications, signals and satellite imagery).

Space enabled technology is now more available and affordable and can help to inform better planning of services and resources.

Technologies such as earth observation measurement and sensing capabilities can help to achieve:

  • reduced carbon emissions
  • smarter towns and cities
  • mapped transportation routes and accessibility
  • effective use of resources

You can use space enabled technology and transformation to:

  • monitor border and security boundaries remotely
  • map foot flow, crime patterns and health data
  • measure and monitor infrastructures 
  • show landscape and vehicle changes using complex imagery techniques
  • monitor for carbon, pollution and disease in trees
  • help local authorities to identify street repairs, potholes and other damages
  • project intelligent routing decisions for transport
  • keep workforces safe by using remote drones for inspection and enforcement

Products and services included in the scope of this agreement:

  • communications and broadcasting (data and voice networks) 
  • Position, Navigation and Timing (PNT) signals (services for IT, mobile workforces and logistics)
  • geospatial data (location data)
  • data services and solutions (capturing, processing and storing data, software development and support)
  • remote sensing and unmanned aerial and land solutions (drone and related services for air, sea and land)
  • launch capability and associated services – advisory only (for example legal services, design, quality control or technical oversight)
  • manufacturing capability and associated services (such as design, quality control and research)

Market engagement

Early engagement allows us to understand customers needs for buying and using space-enabled goods and services. We began engaging with customers and suppliers in September through web-conferencing. 

In early November 2020 we held more customer engagement sessions. We focused on the large space category and set out what our current timelines look like. In the engagement briefing we included our next steps and a plan outline for this agreement. 

Read the space category – early customer engagement briefing v01 

We identified many customers who already use services that are included in the scope of this agreement and have started detailed engagement with these users. 

We will be carrying out further engagement sessions in the final quarter of 2020/2021 for existing and potential public sector customers. We will also be holding engagement sessions with suppliers of space enabled technology.

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Activity Estimated dates
Pre-market engagement October/November 2020
Drafting procurement documents May 2021
Publication of OJEU August 2021
Framework award September 2021