Open Banking (Data, Digital Payments & Confirmation of Payee Services) DPS

All central government departments and UK public sector bodies can access open banking related tools and services.


Instead of relying on card payments, open banking services provide citizens and businesses with an alternative method of paying and/or receiving money from the public sector.

You will be able to access a range of open banking services including:

  • Payment Initiation Service Providers (PISPs): PISPs let you pay companies directly from your bank account rather than using your debit or credit card through a third party, such as Visa or Mastercard
  • Account Information Service Providers (AISPs): being an authorised AISP means that a company can access an individual’s bank account data from their financial institution with their explicit consent

To help you find the services and suppliers to meet your needs you will be able to use the following filters:

  • service type
  • total contract value
  • hosting and delivery capabilities

This Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) will run for 8 years.


  • open banking will reduce customer transaction costs where card payments are the existing and only method of payment
  • payments can be made directly from bank account to bank account without the need to repeatedly input details
  • existing customers of the Payment Acceptance framework can transition to Open Banking 
  • includes real time bank account data to confirm payee account details reducing the risk of error payments and minimising losses due to fraud

How to buy


  1. you can access the Open Banking DPS through the Dynamic Purchasing Marketplace 
    1. you will need to select the ‘financial services’ section, and scroll to ‘Open Banking’ 
  2. select the ‘access as a buyer’ link 
    1. you will then be asked to either sign into your Dynamic Purchasing Marketplace account or register for one
  3. accept the terms and conditions of the DPS as a buyer
  4. you can then view and manage your ‘DPS category exports’ page where you will have 2 options;
    1. view appointed suppliers
    2. click on the link to create a new category export (this is how you filter the suppliers to find those that can meet your needs)
  5.  when creating a new category use the filtering tool to specify your needs and create your supplier shortlist
  6. save your filtered list of capable suppliers by clicking the ‘save category’ option and give the shortlist a unique name specific to your competition
  7. from the ‘manage your category exports’ page you can then export the list of suppliers and contact details (the export is to an Excel spreadsheet)
  8. close the DPS
  9. use your supplier shortlist to run a further competition
  10. invite the suppliers in your shortlist to bid against your detailed statement of requirements, evaluation criteria and contract format (your supplier list is valid for 2 working days from the date of creation)
  11. if you don’t use your list within 2 working days you will need to create a new supplier list (follow steps 6 to 10)
  12.  you can use our eSourcing tool to run a competition or you can use your organisation’s own procurement tool
    1. read guidance for our eSourcing tool
  13. your tender process should be proportionate to the value and complexity of your needs
  14. you should allow enough time for suppliers to review, prepare a response and ask clarification questions
  15. evaluate supplier responses
  16. if you’re happy with the evidence, award the contract
  17. where appropriate, put a notification of the award on Contracts Finder