Open Banking DPS


All central government departments and UK public sector bodies can access open banking related tools and services.


Instead of relying on card payments, open banking services provide citizens and businesses with an alternative method of paying and/or receiving money from the public sector.

You will be able to access a range of open banking services including:

  • Payment Initiation Service Providers (PISPs): PISPs let you pay companies directly from your bank account rather than using your debit or credit card through a third party, such as Visa or Mastercard
  • Account Information Service Providers (AISPs): being an authorised AISP means that a company can access an individual’s bank account data from their financial institution with their explicit consent

To help you find the services and suppliers to meet your needs you will be able to use the following filters:

  • service type
  • total contract value
  • hosting and delivery capabilities

Once live this Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) will run for 4 years.


  • open banking will reduce customer transaction costs where card payments are the existing and only method of payment
  • payments can be made directly from bank account to bank account without the need to repeatedly input details
  • existing customers of the Payment Acceptance framework can transition to Open Banking 
  • includes real time bank account data to confirm payee account details reducing the risk of error payments and minimising losses due to fraud

Product types

Provides 3 main service areas; Digital Payments, Account Information and Confirmation of Payee (CoP). Within each of these service areas are sub categories

Digital Payments

Digital payments enable you to either make or receive payments digitally.

This may include one or a combination of:

  • payments in
  • page design and build for payments in: which refers to the designing and building of a web page that allows you to make and/or receive payments
  • payments out
  • direct debits

Account Information

The supplier will provide account information services which may include

  • fraud services
  • identity services
  • income verification services
  • affordability services
  • risk identification services
  • transaction/fund tracing and monitoring services

Confirmation of Payee (CoP)

The supplier will provide a CoP service which may include

  • providing a name and/or account checking service to verify individuals and/or businesses
  • providing either singular or multiple concurrent checks specified by the authority

Customer engagement

Several central government departments have attended a significant number of market engagement sessions.

Following these sessions, colleagues from these departments:

  • have made up the members of the open banking working group
  • are also prospective CCS customers

Supplier engagement

We have hosted many market engagement sessions with a variety of suppliers ranging from large financial institutions to fintech start-ups. Our initial engagement has focused on:

  • understanding the market’s appetite to work with the public sector on open banking services
  • our proposed DPS model and capability
  • breadth of supply available, relative to our high level use cases

Important links

Prior Information Notice (PIN) Read PIN
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Tender documents Not available yet


Activity Estimated dates
Pre-market engagement May 2022
Drafting of procurement documents February 2023
Publication of FTS notice June 2023
Framework award To be confirmed