Construction Professional Services DPS

Central government and wider public sector organisations can buy a range of expert professional and technical construction services.


A Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) which forms part of our new solution to buying construction services. This includes providing you with a quick, simple and flexible route to market through an extensive number of suppliers.

Services offered through this DPS will include, but are not limited to:

  • project management
  • cost management 
  • engineering, for example civil, structural, electrical
  • architectural and design services (design of buildings, spaces and infrastructure)
  • environmental and sustainability services, for example: carbon neutral efficiencies which will help you to achieve carbon neutral

This DPS uses a filter system to help you find local suppliers that can provide the services you need.

Projects may include all forms of construction, including, but not limited to: 

  • new builds
  • refurbishment of buildings and infrastructure
  • regeneration of buildings, towns, cities and urban areas, including upgrading of transport links and smart cities
  • alteration and extension of buildings  
  • conservation and  preservation of natural resources, buildings and/or structures
  • maintenance works and programmes
  • design and build of security/counter terrorism defences, such as bomb blast buildings
  • demolitions of buildings and infrastructure

You will have the flexibility to choose from a range of local regional suppliers as well as those with national coverage. For more information, read our customer guide.

If you are a supplier and would like to provide your services through this DPS, access the supplier bid pack.

For further information about our DPS, watch our RM6242 customer webinar and information video.

Read our Find a Tender Service (FTS) contracts notice.


  • value for money: we selected all suppliers using both qualitative and commercial measures
    • there are options for you to carry out further project specific checks to meet your needs
  • social value and localism: you have the ability to filter services to the local area and tailor social value requirements in each further competition
  • accessible to suppliers of all sizes with a focus on SMEs
  • fast and flexible: suppliers and clients can join this DPS at any time, consistently widening the supply base and range of capabilities
  • expert knowledge and support: our experienced team will offer both technical and commercial support to your procurement, including guidance to support your registration journey
  • supports flexible industry standard call off model form contracts including:
    • New Engineering Contract (NEC)
    • Joint Contracts Tribunal (JCT)
    • also uses government “boilerplate” clauses to standardise industry terms and conditions for best value
    • clients can also use the Public Sector Contract
  • policy: aligned to latest best practice policy and standards including the:
    • Construction Playbook
    • Carbon Net Zero
  • shortlisting: you can select suppliers using predetermined filters based on the services
    • ensures that you only shortlist suppliers who are capable of providing your required services

Products and suppliers

Please read the 'How to buy' tab below for detailed instructions on how to find out which suppliers are on this agreement.

Lot 1: Construction Professional Services DPS
This DPS uses a filter system. The filters available are:

Filter 1: Technical & Professional Services

A platform for suppliers, including SMEs to provide individual or specialist services.

Filter 2: Industry Sector

Enables buyers to select suppliers with the relevant experience and capability in the specific industry sector needed.

Filter 3: Geographical Regions

The areas that suppliers can provide services to. This is arranged by the Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS) region codes, which is a 2 letter code referencing UK location. This is also to allow customers to 'buy local' and support their social value needs.

Filter 4: Additional Capability

  • value threshold: suppliers can list the contract values that they are able to support projects on
    • allows buyers the opportunity to support growth targets and the SME agenda
  • security clearances: suppliers will note the level of security clearance they hold at the time of tender
    • you can update this in filters at any point as you update your security clearances
    • you will be able to shortlist by security clearance where needed for a specific project
  • data security: while the DPS requirement for entry will be cyber essentials, suppliers will need to note if they hold cyber essentials plus and ISO27001 as a shortlisting filter
    • there are buyers whose security needs may mean that they have cyber essentials plus as a minimum requirement
    • other buyers may need cyber essentials and ISO27001 together as a minimum requirement
ISO27001 is a quality accreditation for data security. A list of appointed suppliers can be found using this link.


How to buy

  1. register as a buyer on the Dynamic Purchasing System Marketplace. Note: although the webpages are headed as ‘supplier registration’, this is also where you register as a buyer
  2. go to the ‘construction professional services DPS’ page by:
    1. choosing the ‘access as a buyer’ option under the heading ‘construction’
    2. confirming your acceptance of the customer access agreement (you will need to agree to the terms of use every time you sign in)
  3. on your ‘Manage your DPS Category Exports’ page you will now have two options:
    1. view appointed suppliers
    2. create a new category export by clicking on the ‘create category export’ link (this is how you filter the suppliers that can meet your needs)
  4. when creating a new category use the filtering tool to select all the filters that apply to your needs, this will create your shortlist of capable suppliers
  5. when you have selected your filters, click the ‘filter’ button to create your shortlist
  6. save your filtered list of suppliers by click the ‘save category’ button and give the shortlist a unique name specific to your competition
  7. from the ‘Manage your Category Exports’ page, export the list of suppliers and contact details into an Excel spreadsheet
  8. you can now close the DPS webpage
  9. use your exported list of capable suppliers to run your further competition
  10. invite the suppliers identified by the DPS to bid against your detailed specification, evaluation criteria and contract format (the shortlist is only valid for 2 working days from the date of its creation as new suppliers may apply to join the DPS at any point)
    1. if your competition excludes eligible suppliers it potentially breaks procurement regulations
    2. if you do not use your shortlist within 2 working days, you will need to create a new shortlist by clicking the ‘search again’ button and repeating steps 4 to 8
  11. to run a call off competition, you can use your organisation’s own procurement tool or you can use CCS’s eSourcing tool
  12. your tender process should be proportionate to the value and complexity of your needs and suppliers will need a reasonable amount of time to review and prepare a response (this includes allowing enough time for suppliers to ask clarification questions and consider your answers before the deadline for written responses)
  13. evaluate the responses
  14. ask winning supplier(s) for any needed evidence to show that they can meet your needs (you should set a deadline of at least 2 days for suppliers to submit their evidence, or longer for complex needs)
  15. if you’re satisfied with the evidence, award the contract
  16. where appropriate notify of the award on Contracts Finder

Notify the award to CCS through an Award Notification Form. Email the completed form to the team.