Learning and Training Services DPS

Provides access to standard and niche training options from a large group of pre-qualified training providers in one place.


This Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) provides training services to UK public sector bodies, the wider public sector (WPS) and the third sector. This includes but is not limited to:

  • local government
  • combined authorities
  • health sector
  • police, fire and rescue
  • housing associations
  • charities
  • education sector
  • devolved administrations

Central government departments can also use this agreement, but only if you have been through cabinet office spend control and RM6145 Learning and Development can not meet your needs. 

This agreement also forms part of the Workforce Alliance portfolio, providing an additional access route for NHS customers. Workforce Alliance is the partnership between CCS and NHS Procurement in Partnership which brings together a wealth of trusted procurement and commercial expertise to benefit the NHS.

Watch this quick video for an introduction to the Learning & Training Services DPS.

We have organised services using filters to help you select capable suppliers who can meet your training needs. The 2 headline filters are:

Learning categories

These are the broad category / subject headings to help you define what learning category your potential training needs sit under. This will help you to narrow down your supplier selection:

  • business skills
  • coaching and mentoring
  • health and safety
  • digital, data and technology
  • financial services
  • languages
  • leadership and management
  • legal and compliance
  • Learning Management System (LMS) software
  • LMS design, delivery and content
  • NHS clinical
  • NHS non-clinical
  • NHS Continuous Professional Development (CPD)
  • project and programme management
  • specialist / niche training
  • wellbeing

Service types

There are four distinct service routes that you can choose to further help you with the supplier selection process. These are:

Standard off the shelf training

Ad hoc off-the-shelf training courses and professional qualifications. These are only provided by the training provider (no aggregators / sub contractors).

Bespoke training

Sourcing specialist or tailored training courses and small scale ad hoc learning needs across all subject areas. This includes the design and provision of specialist / niche training programmes.

Learning technologies

The design, build, supply and development of learning technologies. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • new Learning Management Systems / Learning Experience Platforms
  • the integration of existing Learning Systems / Platforms

Education services

This provision is for public sector funded programmes targeted to provide skills to the general public (those in education, unemployed, or in full time employment).

This DPS offers an end-to-end online call off process. This means that you can do your search, evaluation and contract award all through this DPS.  

This agreement will be live for 4 years (48 months) with the option to extend for a further 2 years (24 months).


  • primarily aimed at the wider public sector
  • a future-proofed solution that can be continually updated to reflect changes in market demand and to support the addition of new products and suppliers at any time
  • greater choice of providers, both at a national and regional level
  • takes advantage of the high volume of SMEs in the UK training market
  • allows customers to clearly show their achievements of social value and sustainability initiatives
  • the option to decide how you want the training provided, for example:
    • virtual
    • face to face
    • blended (a mix of virtual and face to face)
    • public: training provided with other public sector organisations
    • closed: training provided with only your organisation
  • flexibility of contract award: customers can choose between rapid award and standard award depending on their needs

Products and suppliers

Please read the 'How to buy' tab below for detailed instructions on how to find out which suppliers are on this agreement.

Lot 1: Learning and Training Services DPS


How to buy

Before buying from this agreement, watch this video to find out how to run your procurement using the Learning & Training Services DPS. It includes a step by step guide, a demo of the DPS system, and explains the difference between a standard award and a rapid award. You can also read the ‘Buyer guide’ from the ‘Documents’ section below.

You can buy training services through:

  • rapid award: for standard off the shelf training only
    • you are able to use the supplier’s prospectus and pricing matrix to make a rapid award to a supplier who meets your training needs
  • standard direct award: for any other training needs 
    • you can export a supplier list and invite the selected suppliers to take part in a capability assessment and / or a further competition

You can access this DPS by visiting the Supplier Registration Page. You will then need to:

  1. select ‘view the available agreement’ option on the right hand side of the webpage, under the heading Dynamic Purchasing Systems and Low Value Purchase System
  2. click on the ‘Learning and Development’ link
  3. select ‘Access as a Buyer’

From here you can select the relevant filters and route to market that meets your needs and begin the call off process.

Call off process

To begin the call off process you will need to:

  1. select the ‘access as a buyer’ option on the Supplier Registration Service (SRS) page
    1. you will need to register an account or, if you’ve used this service before, you can sign in
  2. you must confirm your acceptance of the customer access agreement every time you sign in
  3. click on the link under ‘options’ in the bottom right hand corner to create a new category portfolio and begin your supplier selection
  4. before you can go any further you will need to select whether you would like to use rapid or standard award
  5. search for relevant suppliers using a range of filters and your statement of requirements
    1. we recommend that you have your statement of requirements ready to share before starting your supplier selection, as it will give suppliers a clearer understanding of your specific needs
  6. you can also filter suppliers by location and provision methods including:
  • E-learning
  • virtual instructor-led
  • face to face
  • hybrid / blended (a mix of face to face and online training)
  • classroom
  • workplace
  • virtual

   7. at the end of the selection process, you must use the auto-generated free text box to save your        category portfolio search and to confirm your statement of requirements

Note: category portfolios older than 2 working days are seen as expired. This is due to the continuous on-boarding of suppliers to this DPS.

To update your portfolio, you will need to access the ‘manage your DPS category portfolio’ page on SRS. Click the ‘update’ link at the bottom of the page to update your portfolio and this will provide the latest supplier listing.