Preferential pricing and technology discounts

We are committed to helping our customers save money on technology. 

When we sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with a supplier, we use our national buying power to agree preferential pricing and discounts on products and services across the technology landscape. 

You can access these savings through any route to market used for buying technology, such as one of our many technology frameworks. 

These savings may not be exclusive to CCS, but they are an important part of the work we do with our suppliers to make sure you get the very best prices. 

Let our team of technology experts help you to start saving today.

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Current MoUs

Take a look at our selection of MoUs across cloud, software, technology products and services and networks


The ServiceNow MoU is the foundation for procurements centred on the Now platform, which offers products such as IT Service Management, Operations Management, Asset Management and Strategic Portfolio Management. 

Ways you can benefit

The agreement covers the entire ServiceNow software portfolio and offers customers preferential licensing terms for key ServiceNow products.

The agreement has been designed to help stimulate skills within the public sector, through guaranteeing places on ServiceNow’s degree apprenticeships, as well as their workplace development programme

ServiceNow also offers applications to its innovation fund. This includes a committed number of days of free development time to generate ideas into workflows and processes that may assist in developing citizen services by improving the way public sector organisations operate.

How to access MoU benefits

This MoU was signed on 1 January 2023 and will run until 31 December 2025. We recommend you access the pricing using our Back Office Software Framework.


This MoU will benefit public sector customers with a baseline of Salesforce, Mulesoft, Tableau and Slack pricing.

The agreement includes end user licenses for Salesforce products like Service Cloud, and platforms such as Net Zero Cloud.

Customers can also access free experimentation projects with Salesforce’s panel of small to medium size enterprise implementation partners, and discounted training and support.

Ways you can benefit

This has been designed to increase value for money and ease in accessing Salesforce products and solutions. It will promote greater choice for the public sector, and support the government’s top priorities including: leveling up, economic growth, health and social care reform and carbon net zero targets. 

It gives extra options to streamline public services, maximize cost effectiveness and, ultimately, improve the citizen experience.

How to access MoU benefits

We recommend you access Salesforce solutions through Back Office Software, and Technology Products & Associated Services.


The Digital Transformation Agreement 21 (DTA21) with Microsoft features bespoke, public sector focused product packages for cloud security and compliance, as well as Microsoft Office 365 and Windows 10. 

It includes access to Server and Cloud Enrolment (SCE) discounts, the ability to transfer licences and an enhanced product scope, such as Dynamics, PowerApps, and Calling Plans. 

DTA21 also provides discounted pricing and beneficial terms for public sector organisations wishing to move to Azure Cloud. This allows you to use traditional cloud services such as virtual machines and storage, and Microsoft technologies such as Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Analytics, Azure Synapse and more.

Ways you can benefit

Across the NHS trusts can take advantage of the combination of DTA21 and the NHS N365 deal to ensure their Windows software is up to date. They can also make use of the full Microsoft Teams functionality to ensure all staff have instant access to emails, documents and calendars, and radiologists can have instant access to any X-Ray, MRI or CT scans, even if working remotely.

Local authorities can use the Microsoft PowerApps functionality to connect their data and workforce, building custom applications without the need for any programming experience or software development costs. If it is hosted via Azure, councils can achieve savings from the consumption discount, as well as take advantage of Cloud Services to maximise the likes of artificial intelligence and analytics.

How to access MoU benefits

This MoU was signed on 1 May 2021 and will run until 30 April 2024. We recommend you access the pricing using lot 3 of our Technology Products and Associated Services framework or directly from our Cloud Compute framework. 

We will also be running aggregated competitions to help customers buy their Microsoft requirements. Visit our aggregation page to find out more.


This MoU provides access to both perpetual software products and newer SAP cloud software. This includes their Intelligent Enterprise Suite which consists of a variety of modules including SAP Success Factors, SAP Ariba, S/4 Hana and SAP Analytics Cloud. 

You can also access SAPs Product Support for Large Enterprises. This covers the fundamental support services, tools and methodologies needed to take charge of your day-to-day support needs, and manage your IT landscape holistically over the life cycle of your SAP applications.

Ways you can benefit

Local authorities who are keen users of SAP products, can use the discounts available to upgrade to modern versions of on premise enterprise resource planning SAP systems or migrate to the cloud versions of these products. SAPs newly released RISE with SAP software also sits under this agreement. This Business Transformation as a Service offering is designed to reduce the burden on those with restricted in-house IT expertise and restricted budgets, and accelerate the adoption of cloud services. 

How to access MoU benefits

This MoU was signed on 29 May 2020 and will run until 31 December 2023. We recommend you access the pricing using our Back Office Software framework and Software Design and Implementation Services framework.


This MoU supports customers looking to modernise their Oracle estates, as it offers discounts and a wide variety of commercial benefits through the updated new agreement.

It covers everything from infrastructure to software, as well as support and maintenance through to cloud migrations. 

The agreement includes some newly added benefits such as Market Driven Support Transition Services, which give you the ability and freedom to migrate aging systems to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, reducing risk and with minimal downtime.

Ways you can benefit

The entire public sector from central government and local authorities, to police and fire services, can now benefit from the MoU’s universal credit discount structure for cloud hosting. Oracle recently announced the first and only dual-region sovereign cloud for use by UK public sector customers. This announcement, in line with the universal credit discounts for hosting, will help foster the superior management and use of information for innovation, to better serve UK citizens.

How to access MoU benefits

This MoU was signed on 30 April 2021 and will run until 30 April 2024. We recommend you access the pricing using our Back Office Software, Software Design and Implementation Services,  Cloud Compute or G-Cloud 12 frameworks. 

Google Cloud

This MoU provides a discount on Google’s cloud services, including analytics, infrastructure, artificial intelligence, collaboration solutions, and application development. 

Google Cloud’s new subscription agreement can be used alongside the current MoU. Customers using a subscription agreement can use any Google Cloud Platform service for their project while paying a fixed price for the workload, irrespective of consuming more than the subscription value (subject to fair usage policies).

Ways you can benefit

The discounts on Google Cloud services can help health and social care professionals provide better, more efficient care as digital records are more easily accessible. Improvements can be made in healthcare services and planning and patient care pathways can be enhanced for better health outcomes for the entire population. Google Cloud also allows patients to make informed decisions so that they can manage their own healthcare digitally.

How to access MoU benefits

This MoU was signed in May 2020 and will run until December 2021. We recommend you access the pricing using our Cloud Compute framework or G-Cloud 12 framework, or through resellers and various routes to market throughout the public sector, including CCS agreements.

Amazon Web Services

The One Government Value Agreement (OGVA) we have signed with Amazon Web Services (AWS) makes it easier for customers to take full advantage of a wide range of AWS’s cloud computing services at a significantly discounted rate and Enterprise or Government Standard Support. 

The OGVA has 2 tiers: foundation and enterprise. The foundation tier is aimed at supporting smaller organisations, or those at the start of their cloud transformation. It provides specialised training and accelerators to support the initial migration of services into the cloud. 

The enterprise tier focuses on large organisations, or those who already use the cloud. It helps to achieve further value through optimisation and innovation of their established cloud environment.

Many public sector customers are already benefiting from the enterprise tier discount, as well as Government Standard Support.

How to access MoU benefits

This MoU was signed in October 2020 and will run until October 2023. We recommend you access the discounted pricing through our Cloud Compute framework or through resellers engaging through various routes to market throughout the public sector, including CCS agreements. Other AWS discounts and benefits are also available on G-Cloud.


The Adobe Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA) is a long-standing arrangement that provides heavily discounted enterprise level Adobe pricing. It gives you access to both online and offline versions of their cloud product set, including Adobe Creative Cloud Suite.

Ways you can benefit

A range of public sector customers may benefit from this agreement. For example, the Police Digital Services in the UK have benefitted from using Adobe Acrobat DC to manage the redaction of sensitive information from case files in a quick and secure way. 

We helped 84 public sector customers save on average 31.75% – the equivalent of over £2.8 million in our latest Adobe aggregation. 

How to access MoU benefits

This agreement was signed in March 2023 and will run until March 2026. You can access the pricing using our Technology Online Purchasing Content catalogue. These are based on quarterly intakes – the catalogue entry description will reference the ‘Adobe ETLA’ if it is a MoU based opportunity. Visit our aggregation page to find out more.


This MoU offers customers access to a wide range of discounts on Workday’s cloud-based products, which will help accelerate and streamline business operations and encourage innovation. 

Workday provides a suite of applications for financial management, human resources, planning, spend management and analytics. 

Ways you can benefit

Public sector organisations already using Workday include the Cabinet Office, Department for Education and UK Research and Innovation.

Workday provides ‘Build Back Better’ potential across the public sector, such as using machine learning within their financial management product to make efficiency and cost improvements, as well as using their HR product to provide and manage learning at scale.

The MoU is open to all public sector customers, and has been designed to offer competitive discounts to customers whatever the sector, size or product requirements.

How to access MoU benefits

This MoU was signed in May 2021 and will run until March 2024. You can access the pricing by going through our Data and Application Solutions framework and Back Office Software framework.


This MoU provides discounts for 3 year and 5 year commitments, depending on the level of product modules you deploy. 

A wide variety of products are available as a full suite or as individual modules including category management, supplier management and spend analytics, contract management and much more. In addition, you can access implementation consultancy and user training. The discounts available correlate to incremental spend and there are further discounts available when buying 5 or more modules.

Ways you can benefit

Local authorities have adopted Jaggaer’s contract lifecycle management software to gain visibility, tracking, negotiation and compliance benefits. They have discovered a collaborative way of sharing knowledge and market intelligence to take their supplier value management to a superior level.

How to access MoU benefits

This MoU was signed in February 2020 and will run until February 2023. We recommend you access the pricing using our Back Office Software framework or our eSourcing platform.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

This MoU offers access to a wide range of discounts across HPE’s full range of compute, storage, networking, high performance computing and cloud solutions.

Ways you can benefit

All eligible public sector customers will benefit from the new discount structure, regardless of their size or size of order.

This MoU builds on the previous HPE MoU, adding key systems like the composable, software-defined infrastructure for hybrid cloud environments and high performance compute for artificial intelligence applications. It now also includes crucial storage capabilities, ranging from the full breadth of intelligent HPE Alletra Storage systems, covering everything from general purpose to business-critical workloads, to highly resilient storage solutions for mission-critical applications. For the first time, services are also included within this MoU expanding the scope but also expanding the practical use of this MoU across the wider public sector.

Additionally, as part of the new MoU, CCS customers can benefit from HPE’s environmental and sustainability services, including a free sustainability assessment for the first 100 customers to help them create a sustainability strategy. Customers can also benefit from an agreed free-of-cost advisory service providing a high-level migration roadmap for their workloads and guidance on suitability across public cloud, private cloud or on premise.

How to access MoU benefits

This MoU was signed on 17 May 2023 and will run until 17 May 2026. We recommend you access the pricing using our Technology Products & Associated Services framework.


This next iteration of the MoU builds and expands on the scope of the previous agreement signed in 2020, with additional discounts to cover IBM’s suite of cloud and software products.

Ways you can benefit

CCS customers can now benefit from discounted pricing for sustainability software to support their Carbon Net Zero plans as well as increased cyber security offerings and free training and secondment opportunities, to address technology skills gaps, aligned with the government agenda. Free innovation projects will also be made available, so that eligible bodies can test and learn how IBM products and services can be used to meet their requirements. 

How to access MoU benefits

This MoU was signed on 19 July 2023 and will run until 14 July 2026. We recommend using a reseller on our Technology Products and Associated Services framework.

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