Technology Products & Associated Services

Offers public sector buyers a compliant route to market for technology product needs (hardware and software) and all associated services.


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02/12/2020 – We have extended this agreement until 9 December 2023

10/08/2020 –  You can sign up to watch our ‘how to buy’ and ‘what to buy’ webinars on our website. To watch the webinars you will need to enter your name, contact details and organisation.

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Technology Products & Associated Services (TePAS) offers public sector buyers a flexible and compliant way to source all of their technology product needs. This is the first iteration of the Technology Products framework to have associated services in its scope.

Under this agreement buyers can procure associated services and goods. The UK public sector and their associated bodies and agencies, including the voluntary sector and charities, can use this framework.


  • great choice of products and expanded service provision
  • 40 high-quality suppliers including manufacturers, channel partners and resellers
  • 50% of suppliers are a SME
  • call-off contracts are available for up to 5 years
  • option for simplified award procedure (100% price based competition)
  • flexibility for single supplier ‘one-stop shop’ awards
  • supply chain assurance
  • allows leasing of goods.

Products and suppliers

There are 40 suppliers on this agreement

Lot 1: Hardware & Software & Associated Services


22 suppliers

Lot 2: Hardware and Associated Services


37 suppliers

Lot 3: Software and Associated Services


29 suppliers

Lot 4: Information Assured Products & Associated Services


11 suppliers

How to buy

You can buy under this agreement by running one of the following further competitions:

  • option 1: run a further competition (inclusive of price and quality weightings)
  • option 2: run a simplified further competition (price only weightings) 

The buyer guidance, in the documents section below, explains the further competition procedure in more detail.

Either option may be run using the CCS eSourcing tool, or your own procurement method.