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Central government and wider public sector can access network infrastructure and communication services such as cloud services, audio and video conferencing, radio and satellite networking.


This is the next iteration of network services and will replace the current Network Services 2 agreement. Our aim for this agreement is to design a route to market that provides for a wide range of customers including those who need:

  • flexible “user-based’ communication solutions such as integrated voice, data and video connectivity through a single network connection, providing an encrypted VPN connection to the gateway provider
  • traditional network infrastructure solutions such as buying multiple network circuits based on resilience, security and specific business connectivity needs

Services which will be available through this agreement include:

  • core network infrastructure, including services and equipment needed for network access
  • local area network including products and services helping connectivity within the customer’s location
  • fibre optic cabling
  • 5G network
  • internet access
  • unified communications: application or platform that provides multiple communication methods including voice, video and data services
  • Internet Protocol (IP) Telephony enables voice calls over the internet
  • cloud services
  • audio and video conferencing (collaboration services)
  • radio services (including MoD tactical radio) 
  • satellite networking
  • maintenance and support services
  • critical domain services: the services needed to register, maintain and manage domain names
  • contact centre services
  • security and surveillance

You will be able to access Mobile Voice and Data services (MVDS) through the new RM6261 MVDS agreement

Our plan is to provide you with the products and services to help customers and suppliers to develop fully integrated solutions to meet your communication needs.

This means you will be able to buy managed solutions from a supplier as well as component parts as you consider the changing network needs within the modern hybrid workspace. This will enable the workforce to access all applications and data at home and from the office.

We trust that this will also challenge suppliers to propose commercial models that provide a higher level of flexibility and value for money, whilst minimising the risk of connectivity outages and meeting security needs.

We intend for this agreement to run for 4 years in total. This will be set up as 2 years with the option to extend for 2 further years in 1 year increments.


  • provides a complete range of network services from network infrastructure to fully integrated communication suites
  • simplifies the buyer and customer experience, especially for your ‘connectivity as a service’ needs
  • begins the move towards ‘user requirement’ specification: this is where the supplier designs the network and handles its performance
    • the complexity of the network design is not necessarily visible to the user
  • increase further competition at call-off(s)

Customer engagement

We have carried out a series of interviews with central government organisations to gain feedback and insight on their experiences with Network Services 2 and what the future holds.

Our findings from the customer interviews will be reviewed by a select group of wider public sector customers to assess any further improvements which we may need to consider. 

If you would like to share any views or ideas for improvements, contact the network strategy team.

Supplier engagement

We held an initial pre-market engagement for suppliers on 2 November 2021. During this day the key objectives offered suppliers an opportunity to inform our thinking about this agreement, resulting in the following workstreams:

  • procurement process 
  • lot structure optimisation
  • terms and conditions
  • account management

Our trade association partner, Innopsis, hosted the industry day and the following workshops. If you are interested in becoming a member of a working group to help contribute to shaping this agreement, take a look at the Innopsis website for more details

We have made PPN 06/21: Carbon Reduction Plan Creation training available for all interested suppliers. Book a slot on the training

If you would like to get in touch, contact the network strategy team.

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Activity Estimated dates
Pre-market engagement 2 November 2021
Drafting of procurement documents Not available yet
Publication of FTS notice Not available yet
Framework award Not available yet