G-Cloud 13

An online catalogue where public sector customers can buy cloud-based computing services such as hosting, software and cloud support. Includes many off-the-shelf, pay-as-you-go cloud solutions.

Agreement number: RM1557.13

Start date: 09/11/2022

End date: 08/11/2024

Available for: Central government, charities, education, health, local authority, blue light (police, fire, ambulance, search and rescue), devolved administrations, British overseas territories


At a glance

G-Cloud 13 has replaced G-Cloud 12. It will continue to provide a large variety of cloud based services from a range of suppliers. Services include:

  • cloud hosting
  • cloud software
  • cloud support

G-Cloud 13 will run for 12 months from 9 November 2022, although we reserve the right to extend the agreement up to a maximum of 12 months after this date.

Any call-off contract will initially last for a maximum of up to 36 months. You do have the option to extend once by up to 12 months but you must specify this in the initial contract terms.

The total call-off length should not be for more than 48 months (4 years). This includes the initial call-off duration plus the extension option. Certain restrictions apply to central government contract extensions.

You can not use G-Cloud 13 to buy the following services:

Co-location services

For Data centre colocation facilities you will need to use RM1069 Crown Hosting 

Non-cloud related services

To access management consultancy services including business, strategy and policy and finance consultancy you will need to use RM6187 Management Consultancy Framework 3

For non-cloud technology services ranging from strategy and design to operational deployment use RM6100 Technology Services 

Bespoke design and development

For suppliers who can design, build and provide clearly defined bespoke digital projects, applications and services use RM1043.8 Digital Outcomes 6

Hardware services

For non-cloud technology products such as hardware, software and all associated services use RM6068 Technology Products and Associated Services

For software-led office systems including software licences, associated hardware, app-related consultancy services, software support and maintenance use RM6194 Back Office Software 


You can only access support relating to the cloud using G-Cloud 13. You can not access staff or interims.

Further competition

To further compete larger and more complex cloud support requirements, use G-Cloud 13 lot 4.


You can direct award on G-Cloud 13 after completing the buying process.

  • access to over 40,000 services and over 5,000 suppliers 
  • scalable services: pay for what you use, and increase or reduce what you need easily
  • quick and easy route to market
  • reduced costs and reduced total cost of ownership compared to running your own service in house 
  • access to the latest technology and innovation with every refresh of the G-Cloud agreement
  • change service provider easily

Products and suppliers

The functionality that enables you to view the details of all service lines presented on G-Cloud 13, has now been restored. CCS apologises for any inconvenience.

If you are a G-Cloud 13 Lot 1, 2 or 3 supplier, you do not need to register with the Public Procurement Gateway (PPG) in order to gain access to your G-Cloud 13 entries or to use the functionality referenced above.

You can now buy online with CCS.
Please select a lot to start.

Lot 1 Cloud Hosting
Provides platform or infrastructure services for processing and storing data, running software or networking. Cloud hosting offers the capability to deploy, manage and run software, and provides processing, storage or network resources.

Expires: 08/11/2024

Lot 2 Cloud Software
Offers applications that are usually accessed over the internet or private network and hosted in the cloud.

Expires: 08/11/2024

Lot 3 Cloud Support
Cloud support to help set up and maintain cloud software or hosting services.

Expires: 08/11/2024


Each section below has the links to the documents, what they are for, when to use them and if you need to enter any information into them.

You might not need all the contractual documents to buy the products or services from this agreement.

Buyer guides

Before buying from this agreement you should read the buyer guide and how to use contractual documents.

The buyer guide will help you understand how the agreement works and what you can or can’t use the agreement for.

This section might also include further guides or lists you will need to look at and make selections from, as well as previous webinar slides and Q&A scripts from sessions with buyers and suppliers.

Core terms and conditions

The core terms form part of the framework and call-off contracts and must be used on every contract. They cannot be changed.

The core terms are CCS’s standard commercial terms. They govern the supplier’s relationship with CCS and every customer who has a call-off contract.

Framework schedules

Framework schedules are used by CCS to set up the agreement with suppliers.

RM1557.13 Framework agreement

You will need to enter details in this document

The Framework Agreement governs the relationship between the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) and the supplier. It lists the services that suppliers will provide to CCS and to buyers.

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