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Data centre colocation facilities for the public sector, delivering significant cost savings, operational efficiency and sustainability measures.


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This agreement offers data centre colocation facilities (racks, rack spaces and rooms) exclusively for public sector organisations and arms length bodies. Services include:

  • rack/space colocation 4kW to 30kW per rack for Official
  • private rooms from 500kW for Official
  • private rooms from 200kW for Secret or Top Secret
  • low energy price per kWh, with ultra-low facility wastage
  • smart hands for escorting or simple tasks
  • data cabling to enable connectivity
  • optical network connectivity between sites

Service management and governance of the supplier is undertaken centrally by CCS, with further tailored insight provided to individual customers by the supplier. As a customer, you will be responsible for migrating your servers into Crown Hosting and for day to day administration.

This direct award agreement uses pre-packaged/negotiated products and prices, designed to be used in conjunction with other CCS technology frameworks to aid disaggregation.

The framework is complementary to CCS’s integrated technology set, providing a physical location for ICT ordered and managed via Technology Products & Services or Digital Future, connected using Network Services and secured using Software. A portfolio procurement supports the disaggregation agenda, arms customers with a greater understanding of how their ICT supports their business and reduces the overall cost of the service.

‘Pay for what you use’ flexible occupancy with service terms ranging from one month to seven years, plus no-penalty ‘termination for convenience’ rights remove the problem of lease lock-in and facility investment obstacles to ICT change. Pre-packaged property lease terms for longer periods are also available.

Access secure and reliable locations for the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure supporting the running of the UK, assured by the National Cyber Security Centre and the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure, with Service Level Agreement-backed reliability.

Existing customers report an average of 66% savings on their like-for-like cost (facility and electricity) after relocation to Crown Hosting. The typical return on investment for removal to Crown Hosting is nine months; two years if an ICT refresh is included.

Carbon savings in the region of 99.9% are delivered through the use of extremely efficient hyperscale facilities and ‘Green Electricity’, which also substantially reduces water use. This framework addresses the public sector problem of small wasteful technical server rooms and data centres where on average 3kWh is wasted for every 1kWh used.


  • simple products with transparent pay-for-use set prices and no minimum volume commitment
  • direct award allows for speedy procurement
  • low price for network connectivity and IT service supplier pricing through the aggregation of demand from many customers
  • flexible terms from one month to seven years with no-penalty ‘termination for convenience’ rights
  • dark fibre connectivity to on-campus public cloud providers enables low cost hybrid-compute solutions
  • security suitable for any public sector asset at all threat levels, including for Critical National Infrastructure (CNI), and data with a security classification of secret or top secret
  • centralised governance, service management, standardised terms and conditions with step-in rights to ensure continuity of service if required
  • supports the implementation of government policies and strategies on cloud-first technology, energy efficiency and carbon emission reduction

Products and suppliers

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How to buy

This Framework offers a single procurement route: direct award from a predefined catalogue of products and prices. There are three stages, only the last of which commits you to buying anything:

  1. Sign the Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with the Cabinet Office to agree terms of reference, collaboration principles, non-disclosure and similar. Email us with your official organisation name and address to receive your MoA. A countersigned version will then be returned to you. An example of the MoA is included in the documents section below.
  2. Sign a Call-Off Agreement. The Call-Off Agreement registers you as a customer of the framework and gives you an 18 month window to buy a service. The supplier will draft the Call-Off Agreement for you to sign electronically.
  3. Agree and sign one or many Service Requests. The content of the Service Request will be drafted by the supplier after dialogue with you to determine your requirements and size the products appropriately.

The co-location products have a lead time related to the quantity purchased and can be next day if there is stock available; within a month for most products.

The service request documents define the duration of the service. For example, one signed at the end of the current framework period (2023) could run until 2030 and thereafter be converted to a lease if there is a continued requirement for occupancy.

If you have any questions or just want to discuss your requirements, please email the team.