Technology is a key enabler in tackling the global climate crisis. This is evident across the road, rail, maritime and aviation sectors, with the UK at the forefront of this change.

Government initiatives, from the transition to electric vehicles to the use of sustainable aviation fuels, highlight the important role of transport technology in delivering on our Net Zero commitments. 

We are supporting this journey through our Transport Technology and Associates Services (TTAS) agreement.

Road Sector 

The transition to zero emission vehicles, support for active travel and greater uptake of public transport are at the heart of the Government’s decarbonisation strategy for the road sector. 

We are working with customers and policy leads to ensure that our electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions keep pace with a rapidly evolving market. We are supporting local government with initiatives that improve air quality through the deployment of clean air zones. Our suppliers are deploying innovative solutions that prioritise public transport and protect vulnerable road users at road junctions – helping busses keep to schedule, and encouraging active travel.    

We recently supported Bristol City Council in the deployment of ANPR camera technology with associated services that control the entry of high polluting vehicles into the city centre, reducing pollution and improving citizens’ health. Find out more about the Bristol clean air zone.

Rail Sector 

The rail sector has been hit hard by the covid pandemic and the transition to home working, with rail passenger numbers dropping by 78% from pre-pandemic levels. Encouraging commuters and the public out of cars and back onto trains is vital for local economies but it also offers a cleaner, quieter, and more sustainable mode of transport. Rail freight also plays a key role in reducing both congestion and carbon emissions – with each freight train taking 76 HGVs off the road. 

The TTAS agreement was designed to meet the needs of the rail sector, offering consultancy, transport engineering and design services from market leading providers. TTAS has over 30 suppliers with dedicated rail sector expertise, as well as products and services to support safe and efficient passenger flows at stations.  

The TVS agreement provides rail booking services to meet all business travel requirements.  All suppliers offer online booking tools that make the booking of rail tickets quick and easy.  Some tools assist travellers in comparing the CO2 emissions of plane vs train journeys, to help drive those sustainable travel decisions.


In March 2022 DfT announced the launch of UK Shore – an office dedicated to making maritime greener through new technology. The ambition goes beyond green ships and vessels, with the publication of Port Air Quality strategies and targets for at least one major port in the UK to have all shore-side activity zero emission.

TTAS suppliers are well placed to support the delivery of these strategies including supporting the business case for targeted action, modelling scenarios through the use of digital twins, and providing the sensors and data analytics to measure the impact.   


Commercial aviation has been fundamental to the growth and prosperity of the UK but the sector also produces around 12% of CO2 emissions from all transport sources. Technologies to support electric and hydrogen powered flight are in their infancy but the sector is exploring increased use of sustainable aviation fuel as a route to decarbonise. 

TTAS can support policymakers and public sector bodies with transport modelling, strategy development and environmental monitoring solutions. TTAS solutions are also widely applicable to airport ground operations, and transport to and from airports.  

Transport Technology and Associated Services solutions can be procured through further competition, delivering the best possible price, or standalone direct award through a catalogue where there is an urgent requirement or where there is little value gained from a further competition. 

TTAS has a dedicated sustainable technologies lot. Our leading suppliers can provide consultancy services, and help customers decide on what technologies and systems would be best for tackling their challenges. Our TTAS team can provide support through the whole procurement life cycle. 

The CCS Air Programme is available to all customers using PSGTVS and TVS agreements and currently contains discounts on 5,000+ routes.  Our relationship with a multitude of carriers enables us to keep across developments in sustainability, including Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), Carbon Offsetting and new aircraft technologies.  

The current programme runs through to March 2023 and later this year we will begin work on the next agreement to go live in April 2023.  Sustainability will form a significantly increased role in the criteria for airlines to qualify.     

Take a look at our agreements to find the full range of possibilities: 

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