Transport Technology & Associated Services

Offers a wide range of transport technologies and services for the aviation, road, rail and marine sectors.


Provides central government, UK wider public sector and UK Public sector Arm’s length bodies with transport related technology and replaces our current Traffic Management Technology 2 agreement.

We have increased the scope of this agreement over 7 lots to include the following products and services:

  • transport engineering and design services
  • cameras including Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), CCTV and speed
  • transport signage
  • pedestrian management and control systems
  • intelligent transport systems (such as, geographic, asset and environmental management and monitoring systems)
  • sustainable transport technologies (such as Clean Air Zone and Carbon Net Zero initiatives, environmental monitoring equipment and electric vehicle charging solutions)
  • transport gate systems (hardware and software)

Transport Technology and Associated Services (TTAS) uses the Public Sector Contract (PSC) terms and conditions and also includes a catalogue which you can use to buy low value and low complexity goods and services. For example, cameras and associated services.

The agreement will run for 2 years and may be extended for a further 2 years.


  • offers great value to the public sector through strengthening natural competition and value for money
  • Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) limit value is £2.5 billion
  • standardised call-off contracts for customers to use
  • larger set of transport technology products and services compared to earlier iterations
  • hosts a range of suppliers who are familiar with and are up to date with governments Carbon Net Zero (CNZ) and Clean Air Zones (CAZ) requirements
  • access to 77 market leading suppliers
  • 47% of suppliers are SMEs

Products and suppliers

There are 74 suppliers on this agreement

Lot 1: Transport Professional Services


39 suppliers

Lot 2: Transport And Pedestrian Control


39 suppliers

Lot 3: Transport Signage And Lighting


26 suppliers

Lot 4: Transport Data Services


44 suppliers

Lot 5: Sustainable Transport Technologies


39 suppliers

Lot 6: Major Transport Solutions


23 suppliers

Lot 7: Catalogue


74 suppliers

How to buy

Before using this agreement, you should read the customer guidance document.

Pre-market Engagement

Pre-market engagement is an essential step in any procurement activity and we recommend that you make sure there is enough time in your procurement project to carry it out.  It will help you to decide on the best route to market, refine your needs and will also increase the suppliers’ awareness and interest in your potential procurement.

Further competition

Further competitions can be run on all 7 lots.

You can use your own eSourcing system or you can use our eSourcing tool to run your further competition. If this is your first time using our eSourcing suite, you will need to register an account.

If you have already registered, sign in to your eSourcing account.

Read guidance about the eSourcing tool.

To run a further competition you will need to:

  1. take part in pre-market engagement with suppliers to help you define your needs (optional but recommended)
  2. identify the suppliers that can meet your needs and develop your specification
    • make sure your specification is detailed and includes timescales
  3.  complete your further competition documents, such as:
    • invitation to tender
    • evaluation criteria
    • draft order form
  4. invite all identified suppliers to submit a tender in writing (this could be by email or through your preferred e-Sourcing tool)
  5. set a time limit for the submission of tenders, (take into account the time needed to create and submit tenders and the complexity of your needs)
  6. keep each tender confidential until the time limit set out for the return of tenders has ended
  7. evaluate supplier responses (make sure you evaluate all suppliers equally and fairly)
  8. award your call-off contract by sending the following to the successful supplier:
    • a completed and signed Framework schedule 6
    • a completed and signed order form
  9. provide unsuccessful suppliers with written feedback on why their tenders were unsuccessful using the unsuccessful supplier letter
  10. publish your contract on contracts finder for transparency purposes

To help you run your further competition, read our further competition guide.

Direct Award

Direct award is available under lot 7. All the products and services from lots 1 to 5 will be available in the catalogue under lot 7. It is a suitable route to market for relatively straightforward and low value needs, where you will gain no additional benefits from running a further competition. You can find supplier offers in the Government eMarketplace

To direct award under this agreement you should:

  1. clearly define your needs by developing your specification
  2. establish which lots fit your need by reading the agreement specification
  3. contact the suppliers on the lot
  4. establish your award criteria using Framework Schedule 7 Call-Off Award Procedure
  5. award your contract by signing Framework Schedule 6
  6. publish your contract on Contracts Finder

For more details on how to run a direct award, read our direct award guidance.


  • we bring together customers with similar needs through our aggregation service
  • we use the volume to influence greater commercial benefits for customers
  • we manage the procurement process from start to finish

For more information, email the team.