Public Sector Global Travel and Venue Solutions

Book domestic and international travel, as well as meeting venues in the UK and overseas.


This framework provides travel management solutions for the public sector and is divided into two parts:

Solution A – covers domestic and international travel including air, rail, accommodation and meeting venues booked from the UK and overseas points of sale (the time and country where travel is booked and paid for). 

Solution B – covers domestic and international travel, including air, rail, accommodation and meeting venues booked from the UK only. 

This framework provides similar services to RM6217 Travel and Venue Solutions, however, this framework also includes a service for finding and booking meeting venues and a simpler and more agile security approach. This framework will partly run in parallel with RM6016 Public Sector Travel and Venue Solutions, which means that you have the option to buy services in both agreements if you need to. 

The framework contract is valid for three years with the option of an additional 1-year extension.


Solution A offers:

  • a global travel management supplier for the public sector that provides local services in all geographic regions – customers with travellers based overseas will have access to a single supplier that provides complex travel services locally
  • global contract management and access to consolidated management information to help customers improve their travel program and meet their duty of care 

Solution B offers:

  • a comprehensive business travel booking service that also allows you to find and book meeting venues 
  • an online booking portal using CCS’s Digital Travel Solution (DigiTS)
  • access to commercial benefits of up to 13% through Public Sector Negotiated Programmes 


Products and suppliers

There are 4 suppliers on this agreement

Lot 1: Solution A


1 suppliers

Lot 2: Solution B Lot expires before framework:
Solution B – covers domestic and international travel (including air, rail and accommodation) and meeting venues booked from UK point of sale only.

3 suppliers

How to buy

The agreements can be accessed using direct award and further competition. CCS will work with you to identify the most suitable solution.

Read the Customer Welcome Document in the Documents section for information on the different ways the lots can be accessed.

Choose your route to market:

  • Solution A is a single-supplier lot, so you can only buy this service using a direct award – please use the customer call off form in the Documents section to do this
  • Solution B can be accessed either by direct award or by running a further competition among the three suppliers

Pricing can be accessed using CCS’s eSourcing tool

Access to online booking tools (Solution B only) will be through the CCS DigiTS portal. If you are new to DigiTS, the CCS Travel team will send you details on how to register when you have completed a call off form with the supplier.