Travel, Transport, Accommodation and Venue Solutions


All public sector and third sector organisations can access core business and emergency travel response services. Includes the booking of air, rail, accommodation, meeting venues and access to emergency travel solutions.


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This agreement also provides approved programmes of travel, accommodation and support services for UK and overseas citizens or refugees who are under the care of a public sector organisation such as Rough Sleepers or Asylum Seekers.

Approved programmes can use any of the core or emergency services listed below.

Core business travel and venue services management will include but not be limited to:

  • all air booking services
  • all rail booking services
  • all accommodation booking services
  • all ferry booking services
  • booking of boat/vessel, air and helicopter charter services
  • venue find of all types and supporting ancillary services (ancillary services could include but not limited to ground transportation, food and beverages and laundry)
  • virtual/digital meeting and hybrid, conference and events solutions including group accommodation and equipment
  • ground transportation including but not limited to vehicle hire (without a driver), the booking of both pre-booked and ad-hoc taxis, chauffeured cars, mini-buses, coaches, including for usage as non-emergency ambulance service (with a driver)
  • other business travel ancillary services such as passport, visa and currency services
  • travel safety and risk management solutions such as 24-hour medical assistance and tracking
  • choice of UK or overseas points of sale (point of sale refers to the country where you book and pay for travel)

Emergency travel response solutions to support UK and overseas citizens or refugees who are under the care of a public sector organisation including but not limited to:

  • repatriation and supporting services
    • for example, evacuation of UK or foreign nationals from a conflict or natural disaster zone and the provision of emergency support such as temporary accommodation, blankets and bottled water
  • venue finding of all types (exclusive and/or part use) and supporting services, including but not limited to ground transportation, equipment, food & beverage, wraparound welfare (including but not limited to social and educational services, translation services and site security provision), covid (or similar) test kits
  • emergency chartering services of aircraft, vessels or ground transportation solutions, including the sourcing and management of design/refitting solutions to meet a specific specification
    • for example, basic barges could be designed to become emergency accommodation to meet a specific need
  • emergency accommodation and shelter booking services for vulnerable groups
    • this can include all types of accommodation and associated modifications, including but not limited to room layout or security arrangements if needed

We may add more services as we develop the agreement.


  • access to market leading technology with market-leading online booking solutions
  • Price Match to ensure best available rates
  • CCS negotiated programmes for air, accommodation and rail to offer best market pricing
  • inclusion of CO2 emissions reports through online booking tools, enabling you to make more sustainable choices
  • access to 24/7 traveller and programme support through agreement suppliers
  • if you need emergency accommodation for groups (exclusive and/or part use), you can benefit from the new HEART (HMG Emergency Accommodation Request Tool) portal (currently in design)
    • the HEART portal will provide live inventory and occupancy information to help optimise the use of existing bed capacity and/or make a request to access new available options.

Customer engagement

We have held customer engagement sessions from August to November 2023. The first customer session was held on 24 August.

We welcomed feedback from all potential new CCS travel customers who completed a short survey in October 2023.

Supplier engagement

Supplier engagement started with current suppliers and took place between June and September 2023.

We held 2 face to face supplier engagement sessions on 16 and 23 of August.

Our final supplier engagement event took place virtually on 16 November 2023.

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Activity Estimated dates
Pre-market engagement August to November 2023
Drafting of procurement documents November 2023 to February 2024
Publication of find a tender (FTS) notice 23 May 2024
Framework Award October 2024