Facilities Management Marketplace

UK facilities management (FM) services organised regionally and available to all public sector entities. Services include maintenance, cleaning, security, help desk and more.


05/08/22: There is a new agreement for Facilities Management and Workplace Services. Before continuing with this agreement, contact the FM team.

05/05/2021: We have extended this agreement for a further 9 months. The new expiry date for this agreement is now Sunday 9 April 2023.


This agreement gives you access to facilities management services across the UK. Suppliers’ geographical coverage is classified by NUTS 2 regions (40 regions of the UK as defined by the Nomenclature of Territorial Statistics) to provide you with regional competition and national coverage.

There may also be limited opportunities for suppliers to provide international coverage for buyers procuring UK services.

Services covered:

  • contract management
  • contract mobilisation
  • maintenance services
  • horticultural services
  • statutory obligations
  • catering services
  • cleaning services
  • workplace FM services
  • reception services
  • security services
  • waste services
  • miscellaneous FM services
  • computer-aided facilities management (CAFM)
  • helpdesk services
  • management of billable works

All suppliers can offer mandatory services within each of the above. Suppliers can also provide a number of non-mandatory FM services. ‘Framework Schedule 1 – Specification’ (see attached documents) provides detail on the full scope of services available under this agreement.

You can find suitable suppliers from the lots on this agreement using the new digital portal.

To start your search you will need to log onto the Cabinet Office Digital and Technology Service Desk portal and create an account.

If you have already used our Supply Teacher, Management Consultancy or Legal Services digital tools, then you will already have an account.

To ensure buyers have access to the right suppliers, the agreement has 1 lot which is split into 3 sub-categorised lots. Each sub-lot is determined by total contract value:

  • lot 1a – Up to £7 million
  • lot 1b – £7m to £50 million
  • lot 1c – Over £50 million

The agreement is designed this way to allow all scales of requirements to be satisfied by the agreement, making it suitable for all public sector organisations to use.

Please note: If you are a consultant working on behalf of a public sector organisation, you must sign a non-disclosure agreement and get the organisation you are working for to complete a consultant approval form. These documents can be found on this page and once completed should be emailed back to the team. 


  • value for money: we selected all suppliers using a combination of both qualitative and commercial measures
  • trusted services: all suppliers have demonstrable experience within the Facilities Management sector
  • clear terms and conditions: the simplified Public Sector Contract means you can select contract schedules according to your needs
  • expert knowledge and support: our experienced team will offer both technical and commercial support to your procurement
  • social value: you can request suppliers to tailor their offer to match your social value priorities at call-off
  • direct award: buy through direct award for lot 1a, allowing you to quickly award a contract based on lowest price


Carbon Reduction

Some of the suppliers for this agreement have agreed to comply with the Procurement Policy Note 06/21: 'Taking account of Carbon Reduction Plans in the procurement of major government contracts'. If a supplier has published a carbon reduction plan, you can find it on their individual supplier details page.

Products and suppliers

There are 40 suppliers on this agreement

Lot 1a: Total contract value up to £7M


20 suppliers

Lot 1b: Total contract value £7M - £50M


30 suppliers

Lot 1c: Total contract value £50M+


19 suppliers

How to buy

We advise that you start planning your procurement between 12 to 18 months before your expected start date, depending on the complexities of your needs. If you need a shorter turnaround time than this, please get in touch with the FM team for guidance.

Read the buyers guidance document before using this framework.

Then use the new digital portal to help you find suitable suppliers to meet your needs.

You will need to set up an account. You can then use the portal to carry out an initial enquiry (quick search) or fill in your service requirements and building information.

The system will use the data that you entered to decide which route to market option is available, direct award or further competition.

Direct award is only available if specific criteria are met:

  • the anticipated contract value is less than £1.5m
  • the services needed are standard (mandatory services)
  • the standard terms and conditions are used

A further competition can be used for:

  • any value of contract (there is no set minimum value)
  • mandatory and non-mandatory services
  • standard or bespoke terms and conditions can be applied for any contract value

If you need help with pre-market engagement, how to use the portal or you have a question about the different work packages, email: info@crowncommercial.gov.uk and a member of the team will get in touch. Include ‘RM3830’ in the subject line of your email.



01/04/2019 – Update – Customer User Agreement