Security - Physical, Technical and Support Services

All UK public sector bodies can access a range of security products and services including guarding and installation of security systems.


Access security services across the UK. Suppliers provide services across 40 UK regions as defined by the Nomenclature of Territorial Statistics (NUTS). Suppliers may have opportunities to provide services internationally.

Products and services available include:

  • guarding services such as, static and mobile patrolling and manning of receptions
  • dealing with visitors and monitoring video surveillance systems
  • installation and maintenance of security systems, for example alarms, perimeter fencing and locks
  • consultancy services
  • risk and security assessments

There are eleven groups of related services, or ‘work packages’ which are provided across four lots. You can buy more than one work package if needed. The work packages are:

  • A: Contract Management and Mobilisation
  • B: Guarding Services
  • C: Physical and Technical Security Services
  • D: Maintenance of security systems
  • E: Alarmed Response Centre
  • F: Helpdesk Services
  • G: Consultancy Services
  • H: Risk Assessment
  • I: Security Assessment
  • J: Security awareness/training
  • K: Management of Billable Works

If you are a consultant working on behalf of a public sector organisation you must sign a non-disclosure agreement. The organisation you are working for must also complete a consultant approval form. You can find these documents in the document section below. Once completed you can send the documents to us by email.


  • value for money: all suppliers have been selected based on quality and price 
  • security services you can trust: all suppliers have demonstrable experience within the security sector and it is mandatory for all suppliers to comply with Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure guidance
  • provides a simple route for you to access a range of security suppliers through either a further competition or direct award
  • flexible, clear terms and conditions including the simplified Public Sector Contract which means you can select contract schedules according to your needs
  • access expert knowledge and support: our experienced team will offer both technical and commercial support to your procurement
  • social value: you can ask suppliers to change their offer to match your social value priorities at call-off
  • fully compliant with social value Procurement Policy Notes (PPNs)
  • suppliers have submitted a Carbon Reduction Plan (CRP) to gain a place on this agreement, they will then need to resubmit annually in line with PPN 06/21
  • we manage and monitor the financial standing of suppliers on our framework in line with the sourcing playbook so you do not have to

Products and suppliers

There are 39 suppliers on this agreement

Lot 1: Total Security


7 suppliers

Lot 2: Guarding Services


18 suppliers

Lot 3: Physical & Technical Services


22 suppliers

Lot 4: Additional Services


11 suppliers

How to buy

You can buy through direct award or further competition. To do this you will need to:

  1. complete and return the Customer User Agreement (CUA) in the documents section of this page
  2. send the completed CUA to us by email quoting ‘RM6257 CUA’ in the subject line of the email

Your completed CUA will allow us to provide you with a shortlist of suitable suppliers. You can then invite these suppliers to a call-off procedure through the appropriate lot based on your needs.

If you have questions about the work packages or need help with pre-market engagement or how to complete the CUA, send us an email. You must include ‘RM6257’ in the subject line of your email and a member of the team will get in touch.

Direct award bid pack

You can access a direct award bid pack. Send us an email with the following subject line: ‘RM6257 direct award bid pack request’ and a member of the category team will contact you.