Important Expired agreement - This information is for reference only

Network Services 2

Telecommunications services including networks for the entire public sector, their associated bodies and agencies, the voluntary sector and charities.  


10/07/2023: Find information about the expiry of this agreement in the document section below.

22/05/2023: We are hosting a series of customer webinars that will summarise the lot structure of Network Services 3 (NS3), explore the framework’s new features, and will clarify key timelines. Sign-up using the below Eventbrite links:

RM6116 Customer webinar 1 (Wednesday 31 May 2 to 3 PM)

RM6116 Customer webinar 2 (Wednesday 14 June 2 to 3 PM)

RM6116 Customer webinar 3 (Wednesday 19 July 2 to 3 PM)

For further information about NS3, go to this webpage.

22/05/2023: Ofcom, the government and mobile network operators have provided information about the switching off of the 2G and 3G networks. To find out more, read:

21/04/2022: Our latest on-demand customer webinar: ‘Network Services 2 buyer’s guide to further competition’ is now available. Watch the webinar on our Youtube channel.

20/04/2022: Watch our latest customer webinar: ‘Network Services: drafting your statement of requirements’ on our website. Alternatively you can watch it on our Youtube channel.

13/01/2022: The RM6261 Mobile Voice and Data Services agreement has now been awarded. For details, view the press release. The agreement is now live. To find out more, visit the RM6261 webpage.

04/11/2021: Our latest on-demand customer webinar: ‘Network Services 2 buyer’s guide to direct award’ is now available. Watch the webinar on the CCS Youtube channel.

07/06/2021: You can now access our on-demand customer webinar which provides an overview of Network Services 2. Watch our customer webinar 

10/07/2020: New guidance has been published on the options available for complex needs which cover multiple Lots. These include Lot 10 (Unified Communications), cross-lot procurements and procuring primary and ancillary services. For further information read ‘RM3808 Guidance on compliant procurement options for Lot 10’ in the documents section below.