Last updated 28 December 2022

Crown Commercial Service (CCS) has awarded a new agreement for mobile voice and data - which aims to simplify the procurement process and provide best pricing for core services.

The Mobile Voice and Data Services [RM6261] agreement will offer customers improved mobile options and transparent pricing, enabling greater control and choice over compliant purchasing decisions.

The agreement covers the full spectrum of mobile usage across the public sector from small users such as schools all the way to large government departments.

As mobile phone use continues to mature CCS has created commoditised product offerings to allow customers to select standard requirements that have targeted prices – helping to reduce the time to develop requirements and compare supplier offers whilst minimising overspend and out of bundle charges.

This agreement also offers as standard eSIM advanced technology, enabling seamless change of networks over the air without the need for a physical “SIM swap” to minimise the effort to migrate from one supplier to another. This agreement still retains the ability to define and compete the more complex requirements.

The agreement replaces Network Services 2 – Lot 6 and offers a direct award catalogue and further competition, ensuring that prices are the best the market can offer. 

For the first time, customers will have access to transparent pricing by line item. Supplier pricing will be shown against their competitors, so they are easily comparable. This will be supported by a free mobile standard tariff price comparison tool that calculates each customer’s potential savings.

Ten suppliers have been awarded a place on the agreement, 60% of which are small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). The new agreement will be live for 2 years with 2 optional extension periods of 1 year, and there is no maximum duration for call off contracts.

Philip Orumwense, Commercial Director and Chief Procurement Officer for Technology at Crown Commercial Service, said: 

Mobile voice and data is an integral part of enabling service delivery for the public sector and staff require access to reliable services whether they’re working from home, working remotely at a site or regularly travelling to provide frontline services. The ability to talk and communicate to colleagues and citizens and access and share data quickly and securely has never been more important.

This new agreement uses the buying power that CCS has, to achieve cost effective and soundly procured services for potentially hundreds of thousands of users right across the UK, offering an average of 60% savings on core services.

Lotting structure

The lots will comprise: 

  • lot 1 Mobile Voice and Data Solutions Catalogue
  • lot 2 Mobile Voice and Data Solutions 
  • lot 3 Telecommunications Audit and Health Check
  • lot 4 Professional Support Services

If you have any questions about buying through the Mobile Voice and Data Services agreement please get in touch.