Following the response by government agencies to provide COVID-19 support to the public and businesses, departments are now being asked to finalise their COVID-19 post event assurance (PEA) plans.

Published 5 November 2020

Last updated 10 November 2020

What are post event assurance plans?

To support the public sector the Government has published COVID-19 post event assurance guidance that sets out the principles for effective fraud and error control, along with recovery of any irregular payments. The guidance suggests that public bodies can reduce the threat of widespread fraud by integrating low-friction controls into payments where possible, and carrying out post event assurance work.

Fraud and error can be identified by using analytics to compare consumer details with data assets provided by credit reference agencies and other data providers. This process involves the analysis and enrichment of financial, residency, contact and socio-demographic data. It can be used to highlight where there are indicators of fraud or error based on the criteria set by the grant administering body. These, and similar data sources can also be used to maximise recoveries by segmenting customers with debts and offering bespoke contact strategies to maximise returns. As part of the segmentation process collectability, affordability and vulnerability is assessed before placing the portfolio with debt collection agencies (DCAs).

How can we help you?

We have a number of agreements that can assist you with your PEA planning, including Debt Management Services (RM6208) and Spend Analysis and Recovery Services 2 (RM3820). These agreements are available to be awarded directly, at pace, whilst ensuring a high quality solution for departments, such as:

  • fraud and error solutions
  • data and analytics solutions
  • audit and recovery of departmental spend
  • debt recovery, including standard debt collection, litigation and enforcement solutions

For more information on how these solutions could support you, please contact, or call 0345 410 2222.