Spend Analysis and Recovery Services 2

Identify and recover over payments from suppliers.


08/02/2021 – We have included ring fenced day rate charges to support you in recovering any over spend due to Covid 19. This means we will cap day rates to ten days in total, making sure you are not paying open ended rates.


Suppliers provide a retrospective audit and analysis of your core spend and transactions (invoices and payments). From this analysis they identify and recover any over payments, overcharges or missed opportunities (such as discounts or rebates).

The suppliers operate on a ‘no win no fee’ basis, so you only pay a fee which is a percentage of money recovered. If there is no recovery, there is no fee payable.


  • no win no fee
  • resource lite – minimal internal resource required because all work is conducted by suppliers
  • identification process or system weaknesses or process flaws that you can fix
  • due diligence approach to your public finances
  • you receive money you were not expecting

Products and suppliers

There are 16 suppliers on this agreement

Lot 1: Statement Transaction Review
Suppliers review data from your accounts payable with statements of account received from your previous or current suppliers. The aim is to uncover undeclared credit amounts on your suppliers’ account that can be refunded back to your organisation.


6 suppliers

Lot 2: End to End Review
Suppliers perform a comprehensive review of your accounts payable to identify, investigate and recover any undiscovered overspend. The review will include a statement review, payment error review, VAT review and a general contract compliance review.


9 suppliers

Lot 3: Contract Compliance - Utilities
A forensic look at your spend on utilities (energy, gas and water), analysing every component part of your invoices to ensure they have been calculated correctly. Suppliers identify and recover past overspend and advise how to make further savings.


3 suppliers

Lot 4: Contract Compliance - Telecoms/Mobiles
A review of your telecoms usage and spending that includes voice, data and wireless services. Suppliers review billing data, analyse usage and perform site surveys. The review will identify areas of overspend or opportunities for cost saving.


3 suppliers

Lot 5: Contract Compliance - Contingent Labour/Agency Staff
A review of your organisational spending on agency and contingent labour. The review will analyse hourly rates, grades, fees and time sheets to identify anomalies in supplier charges.


5 suppliers

Lot 6: Contract Compliance - VAT
Suppliers offer VAT specialist advice, helping you to ensure that your VAT contributions are calculated correctly. The review will include an analysis of supplier invoices and payment ledgers to identify and then investigate any VAT anomalies.


9 suppliers

Lot 7: Contract Compliance - Property/Rental Review
With the help of chartered surveyors, lot 7 provides an analysis of your estate lease and rental charges, VAT charges, and insurance payments, identifying any overpayments on property expenses.


1 suppliers

How to buy

It is possible to buy from this agreement by either following the direct award or the further competition procedure. Both of these methods are explained below and also in more detail in the customer guidance notes (available for download from the documents section of this page). 

Before using this agreement CCS recommend that you read: 

  1. The RM3820 Customer guidance notes
  2. The RM3820 SARS2 frequently asked questions. 

Direct award procedure

Customers can choose to directly award a call off agreement to a framework supplier without conducting a further competition. The direct award procedure is as follows: 

  1. Develop a statement of requirements that clearly explains in detail what services are required from the successful supplier.
  2. Identify which framework lot accommodates these requirements.
  3. Review the standard framework prices for your chosen lot and rank the suppliers according to price. Score the suppliers with the lowest price the highest scores.
  4. Review the Customer Direct Award Guidance Notes and evaluate the supplier method statements provided to derive a quality score.
  5. Combine price and quality scores according to the evaluation criteria (80-60% quality / 20-40% price) to calculate an overall score.
  6. Decide which version of the call off order form to use and send your completed order form and a notification letter to the supplier that has the highest score following your evaluation.

Suppliers are not able to offer bespoke prices to direct award customers. All direct award contracts must be billed according to the standard framework prices. 

Customers are not permitted to make substantive change to the call off order form. 

Framework prices and Customer Direct Award Guidance Notes are available upon request.

Both the short and standard versions of the call off order form are available for download from the documents section of this page. 

Further competition procedure

Customers may conduct a further competition and invite suppliers to bid competitively for their contract. 

Suppliers should be evaluated on the basis of price and quality, using a criteria of 60-80% quality and 20-40% price. All suppliers invited to the competition must be provided with an explanation of the evaluation methodology including evaluation criteria and weightings. The supplier who offers the most economically advantageous tender at further competition should be awarded the contract. 

The further competition process is as follows: 

  1. Develop a statement of requirements that clearly explains in detail what services are required from the successful supplier.
  2. Amend or refine the standard call off order form and terms to reflect your requirements.
  3. Invite tenders from suppliers on your chosen framework lot.
  4. Evaluate all tenders on the basis of price and quality.
  5. Send a notification letter with your completed order form and terms to the supplier offering the most economically advantageous tender, informing them of your decision.
  6. Inform the unsuccessful suppliers of their results at evaluation and offer feedback on their tenders. 


Customers may also use the complementary CCS aggregation service to bring together customers with similar requirements:

If you need any assistance in completing your procurement, please contact our helpdesk by email or by telephone on 0345 410 2222.