Debt Resolution Services


Provides central government and wider public sector customers with debt recovery and complimentary services including data, fraud and error.


Designed to bring together a range of debt collection and data services into a single commercial agreement. Debt resolution services (DRS) is aligned with the cross government debt management strategy, which aims to provide a more consistent and integrated approach, improving capability, ensuring taxpayers money is spent in the most efficient and effective way.

The DRS will work with the best suppliers in their class for each service. For the majority of the lots we will not be limiting the number of suppliers and will make sure suppliers meet the high-quality threshold set by DRS. This quality benchmark will provide public sector customers with the confidence that the framework will provide value for money and services that achieve fair outcomes through a diverse and sustainable supply chain.

With the combination of data enrichment and a panel of expert Debt Collection Agencies (DCA), alongside enforcement and litigation options, customers will be able to use this as an end to end debt recovery solution.

This framework will run for four years from December 2021 and replace the current Debt Management Services (RM6208) and the now expired Debt Market Integrator framework.

Customers will be able to buy services through direct award and mini-competition.

This framework will consist of 20 lots including:

Managed collections

This service will consist of two Managed Service Providers (MSP). Each MSP will manage a panel of high performing DCAs who will be financial conduct authority (FCA) authorised and regulated. Experienced and qualified professionals will manage the DCA supply chain, relieving the customer of tier-2 supplier relationship responsibilities. This means that contract management of DCAs will be the responsibility of the MSP. Having two MSPs means that the framework will be able to create competition as well as innovation. The MSPs will use accredited digital platforms to support customers and the debtor throughout the journey.


Access to a panel of enforcement agents. In bespoke circumstances, the public sector can select their enforcement agencies from a panel of providers through a mini competition or through a managed service provider. The enforcement agencies will have expertise in consumer and commercial debt with strong controls in place to make sure legal processes are followed. The agencies will have capacity and capability to operate internationally and nationally, providing coverage across County and High Court.

Data solutions

Access to a panel of suppliers who will provide a range of data and analytics services to maximise debt collection and help prevent fraud and error. This involves the analysis and enrichment of financial, contact and socio-demographic data which will provide deeper insight into the debtor’s profile. Using DRS data solutions will enable customers to make informed decisions about debtor’s treatment strategy, taking into consideration any vulnerability and the ability to pay.

Other services offered under this agreement will include:

  • affordability assessment and monitoring
  • Fraud Error and Debt (FED) Advisory
  • litigation
  • auctioneers
  • process servers
  • spend analytics and recovery services
  • managed enforcement agency services (multiple managed service providers, each will have a panel of enforcement agencies and services can be directly awarded or selected through mini competition)


  • access to panels of the best suppliers in the market
  • sustainable supply chains
  • achieving Social Value
  • ensure provision of value for money
  • our principles are aligned with Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and achieving fair outcomes


Customer engagement

We developed this agreement in partnership with central government and the wider public sector after significant market engagement. This is to make sure we provide the best possible solution.

Supplier engagement

We held supplier engagement sessions from September 2020 to May 2021. We will not be holding any more supplier engagement sessions due to restricted time frames.

Important links

Prior Information Notice (PIN) Read PIN
Contract Notice in OJEU Read notice
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Activity Estimated date
Publication of OJEU notice 15 July 2021
Framework award December 2021
Framework ‘go live’ date December 2021