Debt Management Services

Choose a range of debt management solutions to help identify and manage customers in financial difficulty.


This framework gives you access to debt management services including:

  • analytics 
  • collections 
  • litigation and enforcement 

Buyers can choose from one, or a combination of these services.

This is a single lot framework, delivered through a single supplier who will provide the services either directly or using third party strategic partners. 

All UK public sector organisations can use this framework including the wider public sector, central government and local authorities. 

The framework has a direct award option providing the buyer’s needs meet the criteria. The agreement is for a fixed period of 30 months.

This is a CCS managed framework and we are responsible for:

  • commercial and contract management
  • assurance
  • managing governance
  • driving continuous improvement


  • uses the best available data, technology and analytics to provide services that help public sector and government organisations prevent, detect and investigate fraud
  • access analytics data such as contact details and fraud identifiers, as part of debt recovery or as a standalone service
  • save time and money by identifying customers in severe financial difficulty 
  • access a range of debt collection agencies managed to FCA guidelines that make fair and affordable recoveries a key part of collection activity
  • a simple, one supplier solution delivered by a provider with market expertise and access to a broad supply chain 
  • use aggregation to leverage government buying power to drive value for money, with cost reductions based on the number of services used collectively
  • share best practice and innovation across framework users
  • simple pricing models

Products and suppliers

There are 1 suppliers on this agreement

Lot 1: Debt Management Services


1 suppliers

How to buy

This framework can be accessed by direct award. Buyers will enter a call-off agreement with the supplier and agree standard terms using a call-off order form which can be found in the document section below. The call-off agreement will give buyers access to the services of the framework, and does not have a minimum to spend. 

The call-off contract is made up of:

  • call-off order form 
  • framework terms
  • standard terms