Make smarter buying decisions when purchasing your furniture for a fairer, more sustainable future.

Your buying decisions have the power to make a real impact on not only your local community, but also wider society. Which is why our new Furniture agreement has been developed to not only provide an extensive product offering, but also to address modern slavery, sustainability and social value issues within the supply chain. 

What products are on offer?

This agreement will help you buy furniture for use in office, residential and education settings as well as secure furniture, for example security cupboards. You can also use this agreement to buy renovation and repair services to keep the furniture maintained. 

Making better buying decisions

All suppliers on the new agreement are required to submit an annual social value report that covers the following areas:


To support the Government’s  25 Year Environmental Plan, suppliers on this agreement will support the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, waste to landfill and amount of recycled, recovered and redeployed content in their furniture product offering.  After establishing baseline figures, CCS will work with suppliers annually (via the social value report) to gain reductions to support sustainability.

Modern Slavery

CCS have recognised the risk of modern slavery in the furniture industry and will be working with suppliers to reduce the risk of worker exploitation and improve protections in the industry. 

Suppliers are required to complete the Government’s modern slavery assessment tool. CCS will actively work with suppliers to support the modern slavery risks and suggested recommendations to gain improvements under the agreement. 

Social Value

In addition to sustainability and reducing the risks of modern slavery, suppliers are required to report on:

–    diversity of their supply chains (facilitating spend via SMEs and Social Enterprises)

–    fair, inclusive and ethical employment practices and skills development (job opportunities, mock interviews, mentoring, CV advice, school and college visits, careers advice, improving skills – including apprenticeships, improving the gender pay gap, increasing BAME representation in the workforce as well as those with disabilities)

In addition, 80% of the suppliers on the agreement are SMEs, which helps to support the Government target of £1in every £3 being spent via SMEs. 

All product packaging under the agreement is reusable or readily recyclable supporting you and your organisation in reducing your carbon footprint.

The agreement offers sustainable products/services via 2 lots:

Lot 1 – Office Furniture

Customers can access remanufactured, refurbished and recycled office furniture products via further competition under this lot.

Lot 7 – Repair & Renovation

Customers can access repair and renovation services for a range of furniture products under this lot.  Key items for repair are already priced, additional items can be priced for renovation via further competition.

Get in touch to find out how you can start making smarter buying decisions when procuring your furniture.