The Workplace category offers a wide range of products and services to simplify the management of your organisation so that you can focus on your key priorities, including:

  •   facilities management (FM)
  •   estates professional services
  •   furniture
  •   housing maintenance
  •   security services
  •   fit out

We have a variety of commercial agreements to suit your needs. Our agreements are flexible, with different procurement routes available, for example direct award, eAuctions and further competitions. We are also developing new and innovative agreements, available through an online platform to provide simple, easy access and save you time on your procurement.


We can help you with

  • Facilities Management (FM)

    Our facilities management team has developed a range of solutions for the maintenance of organisations of all sizes. The agreement covers hard and soft FM, as well as specialist services, and offers a variety of routes to market.

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  • Estates Professional Services

    This agreement provides a single solution for all your professional property related services. The agreement offers access to a range of national and regional suppliers, over 5 lots, 33% of which are SMEs.

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  • Furniture

    Providing specialist furniture, spanning everything from office chairs to lockers, this agreement is easy to access with 3 buying options.

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  • Housing Maintenance

    Custom-build your own housing maintenance solutions, from full service to bespoke specialist requirements, you can pick and choose what’s right for you at the best possible price.

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  • Security Services

    Developed with specialist security suppliers to provide both physical, and technical security requirements covering everything from design and security risk assessments to trained guards and CCTV services.

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  • Fit Out

    This multi-supplier agreement offers public sector organisations a simplified means of sourcing fit out services to support the delivery of renovating and refurbishing office space projects.

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  • Linen and Laundry

    A range of specialist laundry and clean room services, to a set of specific standards, including wash, finish, collection and return, over 3 lots.

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  • Building Cleaning Services

    A dynamic purchasing system (DPS) for the purchase of all building cleaning services. From internal to external, this agreement offers deep cleaning, and delivery and performance assessment services.

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