Furniture & Associated Services

Buy a range of furniture for use in public sector organisations as well as repair and renovation services.


This framework will help you buy furniture for use in office, residential and education settings as well as secure furniture like security cupboards. You can also use this framework to buy renovation and repair services to keep the furniture maintained.

Perspex screens are also available to buy through lot 1 of this agreement. When buying new equipment for working from home purposes, customers should specify in their requirements that it must meet the furniture and furnishings regulations. For example, fire safety regulations (where relevant).

Other types of furniture available include:

  • break out/conference room furniture
  • beds and bedroom furniture
  • living and dining room furniture
  • gondola library shelving
  • chairs and tables for pupils and teachers
  • bespoke/fitted furniture, for instance for use in a court setting

All UK public sector organisations can use this framework, including the wider public sector, central government and local authorities. The framework has an initial term of 3 years, with the option to extend for a further 1 year. Buyers can choose a direct award or run a further competition across all lots, subject to the direct award spend limits.


  • value for money –  prices for core furniture items are fixed for the first two years of the agreement and include all transportation costs, buyers can also access discounted rates on non-core items
  • industry-standard lead times – six weeks (lots 1, 3-6 and 8) and eight weeks (lots 2 and 7) from order to delivery across the agreement
  • supplier catalogues –  buyers can access all goods/services available under the agreement using supplier catalogues for lots 1-4, 6 and 8
  • service levels – buyers can set service level requirements at call off to meet their needs 
  • social value –  80% of the suppliers on the agreement are SMEs and suppliers are required to demonstrate their commitment to social value by completing an annual social value report 
  • environment and sustainability – suppliers support the Greening Government Commitment and all packaging is reusable or readily recyclable
  • compliant route – offers a compliant route to purchasing a range of furniture and associated services which is free for buyers to use
  • simplified public sector contract (PSC) –  uses the PSC contract which was established in line with the best commercial practice, buyers can select the schedules they need to meet their own needs
  • routes to market – simple route to market by either direct award or further competition

Products and suppliers

There are 20 suppliers on this agreement

Lot 1: Office Furniture
Includes: office desks and workstations, office seating, office storage, general sundry items, conference room furniture, break out furniture.


10 suppliers

Lot 2: Residential Furniture
Includes: beds, bedroom furniture, living room furniture, dining room furniture, residential seating, additional sundry items.


3 suppliers

Lot 3: Secure Furniture
Includes: key and document boxes, filing cabinets, security cupboards (and fixtures), office cupboards, computer containers, ammunition storage.


1 suppliers

Lot 4: Bespoke/Fitted Furniture
Includes: fitted/bespoke core furniture such as beam seating.


2 suppliers

Lot 5: High Density Steel Storage
Includes: steel storage solutions like static and mobile storage, gondola library shelving.


4 suppliers

Lot 6: Education Furniture
Includes: chairs and tables (for pupils and teachers), stools, storage, teacher pedestals.


5 suppliers

Lot 7: Repair & Renovation Services
Includes: repair and renovation services for a range of furniture products. Key items have been priced at agreement level.


3 suppliers

Lot 8: Hubs Furniture
Includes: office furniture that meets the Government Hub Programme including office desks and workstations, office seating, office storage, general sundry items, conference room furniture, break out furniture.


10 suppliers

How to buy

Buyers can either:

  • direct award (all lots)
  • run a further competition (all lots)

Before running a further competition, buyers must complete the Customer User Agreement (CUA) form (see the document section below) and return it to us by email. CCS will process the CUA form and provide buyers with a unique reference number to quote on all correspondence with suppliers.

Further details about direct award and further competitions can be found in the RM6119 Customer Guidance in the documents section on this page.


Buyers can save 6.18% compared to buying direct from suppliers (on core items available through the agreement).

Savings on supplier non-core items average 48% in lot 1, 55% in lot 2 and 49% in lot 8.