The third iteration of our Insurance framework has now launched, giving the entire public sector access to a complete range of insurance and associated services.

Published 5 August 2020

Last updated 5 August 2020

Securing the right insurance cover, at the right price, is crucial in helping the public sector to protect its people and assets. Our new Insurance and Related Services 3 (IS3) solution is designed to help you do just that. 

Building on the success of the previous iterations of the framework, we have widened its scope to provide access to a complete range of insurance and associated services, including liability, property & construction, travel, personal accident, motor, health and life products.

To ensure the solution remains flexible and easy to use, for the first time, we have split it into 2 commercial agreements: 

  • RM6020 – which has a Lot for insurance brokers (Lot 1)  and a Lot for claims handling suppliers (Lot 2)
  • RM6138 – a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for insurers

In designing IS3, we made sure it retained the elements that were essential to the success of the previous frameworks: facilitating low cost, OJEU compliant access to leading brokers and insurers. 

To ensure a cutting-edge solution, and following significant engagement with our customers, we have also added the following innovations:

  • Access to all classes of insurance, including health, life and staff benefits
  • Additional insurance suppliers can be added to RM6138 at any time to provide capacity, competition and flexibility
  • There are now 4 claims management companies on a separate lot
  • Direct award option for brokerage services

By securing your insurance and brokerage services from IS3, you can gain access to the buying power of central government, guaranteed to drive best value for your organisation

Prepare to save

We know that for many, obtaining the right insurance cover can be a fine balancing act. That’s why, to complement the launch of IS3, our category experts have developed a new whitepaper.

Prepare to save – how advance planning can achieve best value unpacks the processes and considerations around securing the right insurance, as well as offering tips to ensure you achieve best value for money. 

Download the whitepaper here

Next steps

Our category experts are available to provide advice on purchasing insurance. To speak to them about your requirements, please contact us

For further information on IS3, visit our framework page