Insurance and Related Services 3

Insurance brokerage services such as insurance placement or consultancy and claims handling services, which are open to the entire public sector.


17/11/2020  – Crawford & Company have provided details of how they are helping customers through the Covid-19 Pandemic. Read the ‘COVID-19 and liability claims’ article.

28/10/2020 – We are looking to form a customer focus group on insurance which will meet 2-3 times a year using video conferences. The focus group will:

  • help shape future commercial agreements
  • comment on CCS Category Strategy and help develop strategy in the future
  • act as the voice of the customer to the category team
  • swap good practise within the public sector

If you would like to sign up or find out more, please email Coren Hardy.

09/10/2020 – Allianz have provided a link to their news and insight page. Read their latest news and information.

23/09/2020 – Gallagher Bassett have written an article about risk management for offices during COVID-19. You can read the full article here.



Access to a complete range of insurance brokerage services for the placement of all classes of insurance and third party claims handling.

The new Insurance Services 3 (IS3) solution is split into 2 commercial agreements: RM6020 and RM6138. RM6020 has a lot for insurance brokers and a lot for claims handling suppliers; it is complemented by RM6138 a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for insurers.

Customers and insurance brokers on this framework (RM6020) can access RM6138 to ensure their insurance requirements are met. Both contracts are open to the whole public sector.

Call off agreements are awarded through further competition; there is a direct award option for low value, non-complex placements.

This 4-year agreement has no extension and expires on 7 February 2024.


  •  a wide range of suppliers, including generalist and specialist providers, to increase competition and provide a comprehensive range of insurance classes to customers
  • covers all classes of insurance including health and life cover
  • all suppliers are FCA registered
  • all suppliers have signed up to the public service contract which includes terms that cover GDPR and social value
  • enables customers to access a legally compliant, efficient route to market with detailed guidance 
  • market-leading claims handling service available to all public sector organisations
  • a competitive approach to claims handling with 4 suppliers offering quality services to a diverse customer base
  • 52% of suppliers are SMEs 

Products and suppliers

There are 19 suppliers on this agreement

Lot 1: Insurance Brokerage and Associated Services
Offers access to a range of insurance brokers and services such as insurance placement for all classes of insurance. Lot 1 also offers a wide range of support services including:

  • general advice and consultancy

  • actuarial services

  • claims handling

  • risk management and profiling

  • training

Appointed insurance brokers will access the Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) RM6138 for pricing of their customer's insurance needs.

You can access an insurance broker by direct award or through further competition. You should use direct award for simple insurance placements where their expected fees will be less than £15,000 per annum.

You can find supplier information for this lot under Annex 5 of the customer user guide.


15 suppliers

Lot 2: Claims Handling
Access to specialist claims handling suppliers and their services for employer/public liability, third party motor claims and property damage and loss. Accessing a claims handling supplier is by further competition only.

You can find supplier information for this lot under Annex 5 of the customer user guide.


4 suppliers

How to buy

Please read the attached customer guidance within the document section and review the call off terms and conditions for the framework.

Before selecting your supplier, you can undertake fair and transparent pre-market engagement activity with the framework suppliers through the CCS eSourcing suite:

Lot 1 Direct Award

You may place direct orders providing you establish a clear statement of requirement for the services required and apply the direct award criteria. Request a direct award pack by email from our information team.

Lots 1 & 2 Further competition

You will be required to manage the process in accordance with your own requirements and processes. Information about running a further competition through our eSourcing suite can be found in the customer guidance attached.

In summary, your further competition should:

  • specify a fixed time limit for submission of proposals, taking into account factors such as the complexity of the services, the requirement and the time needed to compile and submit a proposal
  • seek proposals for fulfilling the requirement, including agreement to any special terms proposed by you
  • contain a copy of the order form, completed as if it were the actual order you would place

You should then evaluate the proposals received and notify all invited service providers of the outcome. Place the resulting order with the service provider who has submitted the most economically advantageous tender.

The high-level evaluation criteria must match those used when tendering for the framework and be grouped under the following headings:

  • quality: 30% – 70%
  • price: 30% – 70%

The total score must come to 100%. Sub-criteria can then be placed under these two headings, specific to your requirements.