Our frameworks can optimise your finances – so you can bolster frontline funding

As part of the public sector ourselves, our remit is to use the buying power and expertise of CCS to help other public sector organisations make the most of every pound.

We’ve used our expertise to develop frameworks that not only service financial needs like insurance, but actively generate or recoup funds, like Supplier Early Repayment Solutions (SEPS) and Spend Analysis and Recovery Services (SARS).

These tools can not only help maximise funding for your frontline activities, but you can rest assured that all our frameworks adhere to EU procurement regulations and our suppliers have been robustly checked.

Just 3 of our financial services agreements...

Here is a selection of the financial services agreements we’ve created to help you get the most from every penny. To find out more about all of our agreements, click here.

  • Insurance

    Our new and improved insurance framework, Insurance Services 3, now features a Dynamic Purchasing System, giving you access to our biggest and most diverse list of insurance suppliers.

    Find out more about this agreement

  • Spend Analysis and Recovery Services (SARS)

    More and more organisations are discovering how SARS can recover funds lost through historical incorrect charges or double invoicing – all money that can be put to good use on your frontline.

    Find out more about this agreement

  • Supplier Early Payment Solutions (SEPS)

    Both you and your suppliers can benefit from early payment – discounts for you and better liquidity for them. Find out more about our range of services, including our unique Dynamic Discounting System.

    Find out more about this agreement

Let's get started

From frameworks that service financial needs through to ones that actively recoup funds, we’re here to help you get the most of every pound.

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Our financial services experts have developed a range of content to help unpack the benefits our frameworks offer.

Brochures (1 )

Whitepapers (3 )

  1. Paul Bentley - SARS team member - CCS

    Prepare to save - how advance planning can achieve best value

    We know that for many, obtaining the right insurance cover can be a fine balancing act. That’s why, to complement the launch of IS3, our category experts have developed a new whitepaper which unpacks the processes and considerations around securing the right insurance, as well as offering tips to ensure you achieve best value for money.

    Learn more
  2. Carl Kelleher - SEPS team member - CCS

    How public sector organisations utilise early payment solutions

    Agreeing early payment with a supplier has advantages for both you and your supplier. Your supplier benefits from quick settlement of invoices, while your organisation enjoys a discount. This whitepaper examines how supplier early payment can work in your organisation.

    Learn more
  3. SARS team member - CCS

    Spend Analysis & Recovery Services - protecting taxpayers’ money from incorrect payments

    With the public sector challenged to do more with less, it's vital that the most is made of every pound. This whitepaper explores how our Spend Analysis and Recovery Services (SARS) framework can help you recover lost spend, putting it back where it belongs - funding your frontline services.

    Learn more

Webinars (1 )

  1. SARS webinar

    Download our short SARS webinar and take 10 minutes to discover how to recover lost spends to direct towards your frontline services

    Access webinar

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