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The public sector faces the challenge of continuing to provide vital, world-class services despite unprecedented pressure on resources – both human and financial.

If we’re going to rise to this challenge, all public sector organisations need to take steps to ensure they manage every pound and every hour as effectively and efficiently as possible.

That means finding ways to save money, generate money and recover money within your own operations. But it also means considering social value obligations. Spent right, every pound in the public purse has the power to strengthen supply chains and help the UK economy recover.

We can support you with:

  • easy ways to make immediate cost savings
  • ethical debt resolution services
  • achieving the best value, balanced with sustainability

While also:

  • supporting supply chain cash flow
  • helping to sustain local businesses

Financial services to help you save, generate and recover money

We’re here to offer practical ideas and solutions to help your organisation tackle the challenges that lie ahead. We’ve grouped together frameworks under 3 areas, designed to help you achieve your goals.


As public sector organisations continue to deal with financial pressures these agreements offer ideas and solutions that can help stretch budgets further.

  • Debt Resolution Services

    Debt recovery and associated services such as data, fraud and error, litigation and spend analysis recovery.

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  • Payment Solutions

    Procurement cards help you save time and money, as well as gain control, strengthen your supply chain and potentially earn rebates.

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  • Leasing Advisory Services

    Gives you access to specialist advice on leasing options, asset classes (types of assets) and saving initiatives.

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  • Leasing and Loan Finance

    A dynamic purchasing system offering a choice of financing options, including leasing and asset secured loans, to help you fund asset acquisition.

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After investigating how to make savings, the next logical step is to examine how you can generate extra revenue for your organisation. One simple way of doing that is through rebates – available with procurement cards.

  • Payment Solutions

    Procurement cards can give you access to valuable rebates. They come in 3 forms – physical, virtual or lodged cards.

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Now, more than ever, the need to maximise recoveries is crucial – whether it’s in the form of debt that is legitimately owed or erroneous payments to individuals and suppliers. However, there is the matter of striking the right balance. These agreements will help you consider the fairest way to meet financial obligations, while being mindful of social responsibilities.

  • Debt Resolution Services

    This range of services enables you to consider various options around recovery including analytics, collections, litigation and enforcement.

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  • Payment Acceptance

    Choose from a range of payment acceptance services. You can also take an overview of your end-to-end payment landscape with the help of specialist payment consultants.

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Why choose CCS for your financial services procurement

  • part of the public sector ourselves, we’re well placed to understand your organisation’s requirements 
  • collective buying power – we’ve done the legwork, securing best in class services, at the lowest risk and at the best price available to the public sector
  • in-depth industry insight and financial expertise, specific to public sector needs 
  • we understand, deliver and support social value 
  • a breadth of solutions on offer – including those that can save, generate and recover funds
“At CCS we’re focused on identifying practical ideas and solutions to help our public and third sector colleagues maximise and protect budgets in the current climate. The agreements highlighted can each in their own way contribute to efforts to save, recover and generate funds as we navigate the financial road ahead. We’re here to help so please get in touch for advice and guidance.”
Paul Allison
Head of the Financial Services Group, Crown Commercial Service

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From commercial agreements that service your financial needs through to ones that actively recoup funds, we’re by your side to help you to get the most of every pound.

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Knowledge is power

Our financial services experts have put together these resources to help you reach the right buying decisions for your organisation. From industry insights and success stories, to in depth product details, you’ll soon be prepared and ready for the next step.


Whitepapers (2 )

  1. Financial services whitepaper: Effective solutions for a stronger future

    In the current climate, using resources as efficiently as possible is vital for the entire public sector. This whitepaper explores how you can save money, recover costs and support suppliers during COVID-19 and beyond.

    Download the whitepaper
  2. Paul Bentley - SARS team member - CCS

    Insurance whitepaper: How advance planning can achieve best value

    To complement our new insurance framework, IS3, our category experts have developed a new whitepaper explaining how to secure the right insurance for your organisation, as well as offering tips to ensure you achieve value for money.

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Webinars (2 )

  1. Balancing act: financial recovery after COVID-19

    We partnered with CIPFA to deliver a webinar on the immediate, practical steps organisations can take make the most of every pound in the wake of the pandemic. Watch our webinar and discover how you can save, generate and recover money while meeting your social value obligations. 

    Download the webinar
  2. Explore our debt recovery solutions

    As COVID support schemes wind down, levels of debt in the United Kingdom are expected to rise. For many public sector organisations, this will potentially force a huge increase in the number of customers and suppliers falling into problem debt. Watch our webinar and get prepared.

    Download the webinar

Digital Brochures (1 )

  1. Commercial agreements: digital brochure

    Download our updated digital brochure for the latest information on our agreements and how we can help you add power to your procurement.

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