Robustly collecting debts while remaining mindful of social value obligations is a challenge for many organisations. Find out how our solutions have helped put £2.5 billion back in the public purse.

In spring 2020, in direct response to the coronavirus, the UK Government unveiled huge packages of support to lessen the impact of the virus on individuals and businesses. 

As these schemes wind down, levels of debt in the United Kingdom are expected to rise. For many public sector organisations, this is set against a backdrop of declining revenues from tax and business rates while the repayment of overpaid benefits and unpaid fines has also stagnated. 

As we begin to build back better, every pound is precious. The public sector must recover what is legitimately owed, generating much-needed income and providing the taxpayer with value for money. But it must be done in a manner that is fair to debtors who may be vulnerable or in hardship.

To help you strike this balance, we offer a range of innovative debt recovery solutions that, since their inception in 2015, have put £2.5 billion back in the public purse. 

Here to help you strike the balance 

At CCS, we recognise that value for money and commercial returns are a critical part of debt recovery.

We make this happen by offering access to a range of proven debt-related solutions, including:

  • managed panels of expert debt collection agencies currently delivering a ROI of £15 recovered for every £1 spent
  • skilled litigators
  • insolvency services
  • direct access to best in-class enforcement agents
  • access to managed enforcement service providers who can take the hassle out of managing procurements and simplifying your supplier management requirements

In the current climate – where every pound and every hour is precious – underpinning recoveries with the use of data and analytics is a proven way to reduce waste and increase ROI. 

To facilitate this, we offer easy access to a full cycle of data solutions to run a range of analysis and segmentation processes. This means you can direct your spend at worthwhile debt portfolios, increase the likelihood of successful collections by targeting those that can afford to pay and support the most vulnerable. 

This is in addition to standard credit checks, affordability assessments, and a range of fraud and error tools. 

Our solutions are also future-proofed, taking into account the many recent innovations in the area including digitisation, open-banking and vulnerability identification.

Fair and affordable recoveries

Not only do our customers see excellent commercial returns, they can use our services with confidence they’re doing the right thing. We abide by fairness principles, we also ensure that our solutions are aligned with central policy, such as delivering on social value. 

We are acutely aware that agreeing to pragmatic debt repayment solutions could help save individuals from crisis or a struggling business and the livelihoods that depend on it.   

For this reason, we work closely with a number of charities, including StepChange Debt Charity and Money and Mental Health Policy Institute, seeking their advice and guidance on current best practice within the debt market. We’re extremely proud that a number of charities have endorsed the solutions we offer.

Let’s see how much you can recover

The market expects the number of citizens and businesses in problem debt to increase, potentially forcing a huge increase in the number of your customers falling into problem debt, and therefore a surge in demand for services and advice.