As your workplaces start to re-open following a lockdown period, you will be thinking about the range of cleaning requirements you have to ensure you are working to COVID-19 safety standards.

Published 28 May 2020

Last updated 28 May 2020

You may require a contractor to undertake a one off deep clean before reopening or if you’ve had a confirmed case of coronavirus. You may be considering your current cleaning contract and want to introduce a routine cleaning service that will meet your changing demands following the COVID-19 pandemic. 

BEIS released new ‘COVID-19 secure’ guidelines to UK employers to help them get their businesses back up and running and workplaces operating as safely as possible. We have created a step by step guide to help you navigate the type of service requirements you will need.

How we can help

We have easy to access commercial agreements and industry expertise you can use to arrange these services to meet both your short term and longer term cleaning requirements.

Step 1 – route to buy

We have 2 agreements in place which have approved suppliers who will be able to provide the services to the standards set out in your specification: Facilities Management  Marketplace and Buildings Cleaning Services.

The simple decision tree below will guide you to the best solution depending upon your requirements.

cleaning framework decision tree

Step 2 – direct award or further competition

Where the requirement is urgent, we have amended our FM Marketplace agreement to allow you to direct award where it is in response to a pandemic. This does not affect the existing direct award option based on contract value and length. 

Please note: the direct award option can only be used if the service you require is an urgent response due to the COVID-19 pandemic and your circumstances meet the criteria set out in the Public Procurement Notice (PPN) PPN 01/20. You must satisfy yourself and ensure you follow your organisation’s approval process before progressing using this method.

Where the requirement is not classed as urgent and you are ready to run a further competition yourself then we have a customer guidance pack and additional documentation, along with some templates which you can use if you wish to. These can be found on our Building Cleaning Services web page under the documents tab.

Step 3 – specification

We have put together a draft specification for deep cleaning which can be accessed here. This can be used as a guide to build upon to make sure you have compliance with the government guidance on cleaning as a minimum. Further guidance can be accessed under the documents tab on the framework page

We may be able to offer additional support and undertake a further competition on your behalf.  

For more information on how we can support you, please send any initial queries to with ‘cleaning’ in the subject field. Please indicate the type of assistance you may require from us so we can best help you meet your needs and respond appropriately.