Building Cleaning Services

Buy contract cleaning services and medical and hazardous waste services with this dynamic purchasing system (DPS).


All public sector organisations can use this commercial agreement. This includes government departments, NHS bodies, schools and education providers, emergency services, housing associations and charities.

This agreement is free to use and provides access to local, regional and national contracts throughout England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

You can use this commercial agreement to buy the following services:

Building cleaning services

This includes all types of contract cleaning such as:

  • routine cleaning
  • reactive cleaning (ad hoc cleaning provided on request)
  • deep cleans
  • Covid-related cleaning
  • external building cleaning
  • window cleaning (including high-rise)
  • specialist floor cleaning
  • IT equipment cleaning
  • caretaking
  • litter picking
  • trauma cleaning
  • office cleaning
  • school cleaning
  • cleaning that requires security clearance

Medical and hazardous (harmful) waste services

Includes the management, collection and disposal of all types of medical and hazardous waste, such as:

  • healthcare offensive waste
  • bagged clinical waste
  • waste medicines
  • chemicals
  • anatomical waste
  • sharps (such as needles)

Delivery and performance assessments

Involves the analysis of your current building cleaning and/ or waste management practices, policies and procedures. Also provides analysis of documents to identify more efficient ways of working.

This agreement uses a filtering system to help you find qualifying local suppliers that can provide services that meet your specific needs.

To find out more about this agreement, watch the following videos:

How to procure cleaning services

How to procure medical and hazardous waste services


  • value for money: cost savings enabled by further competition.
  • provides quality: all suppliers on this commercial agreement have passed our basic supplier checks
  • you have the flexibility to carry out further checks to meet your requirements
  • select contract schedules according to your needs using the simplified public sector contract
  • access expert knowledge and support: our experienced team will offer both technical and commercial support to your procurement
  • social value: you can ask supplier to tailor their offer to match your social value priorities at call-off
  • sustainability outcomes: you can tailor your specification to meet your Carbon Net Zero needs
  • supplier flexibility: due to the DPS filtering system, you only invite the suppliers who can meet your needs
  • you have the flexibility to onboard and include local suppliers and SMEs at call-off

Products and suppliers

Please read the 'How to buy' tab below for detailed instructions on how to find out which suppliers are on this agreement.

Lot 1: Building Cleaning Services
Includes cleaning services, medical waste disposal, hazardous waste disposal, assessment services.


How to buy

Here is a summary of the steps to run a further competition under the Building Cleaning Services DPS. There is no option to direct award. For the full and detailed steps, see our customer guidance

For a task checklist and document tracker, see our action plan template.

Further competition

  1. secure budget approval(s) (for more details, see our customer guidance)
  2. estimate procurement timeline (consider the time you expect the procurement to take, the complexity of your needs and when you will need the services by)
  3. complete and return the customer user agreement
  4. prepare tender documents (such as requirements specification and pricing matrix)
  5. complete contract schedules
  6. create supplier shortlist (see instructions below)
  7. invite suppliers to bid (you can use the CCS eSourcing portal)
  8. evaluate supplier bids
  9. complete your own supplier checks and award the contract
  10. inform CCS of the contract award using our contract award notification template

How to create your supplier shortlist

Before creating your supplier shortlist, you should watch our short video on how to use the DPS system.

Here is the current list of appointed suppliers. As suppliers can join at any time, this list will change over the duration of the agreement. 

If you are a supplier and would like to provide your services through this DPS, you can access the supplier bid pack which contains guidance on how to apply.

When they apply, suppliers select the services and locations they can provide for. To see which suppliers can meet your specific needs, create a supplier shortlist by following these steps:

  1. register as a buyer on the DPS system
  2. if you have already registered an account, sign in to the DPS system
  3. once you’ve signed in, read and accept the DPS access agreement
  4. on the ‘Manage your DPS categories’ page, under the grey ‘Help’ box on the right, select ‘Create a new category’
  5. select the filters that best fit your needs:
    • for delivery and performance assessment services, use the 2nd and 3rd grey filter boxes along the left
    • for building cleaning services, use the 4th and 5th grey filter boxes
    • for medical and hazardous waste services, use the 6th grey filter box
  6. once your filters are selected, scroll to the bottom and click ‘Filter’
  7. scroll to the bottom and click ‘Save category’
  8. you will be prompted to type in a suitable name and description
  9. click ‘Save category’ to save your supplier shortlist 
  10. on the ‘Manage your DPS categories’ page, scroll to your shortlist and click ‘Export’ (this downloads a spreadsheet listing your shortlist of suppliers and their email addresses)
  11. use this exported supplier shortlist when you come to invite suppliers to bid

If you need help or have any questions, please contact us. To make sure your question gets to the correct team you will need to include RM6130 in the subject line of your email.