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Sustainable procurement will help you avoid damage to the environment, whilst also generating benefits for your organisation, society and the economy. 

It means buying what you need in a way that helps you achieve value for money on a whole life basis. Considering what you buy, and how you buy it, from a sustainability perspective, for example, can be a significant way to reduce your carbon footprint. It will also encourage the move towards emerging industrial models, such as the circular economy.

Our agreements offer many greener products and services, from modular buildings to cloud storage, low emission fleet vehicles to heat pumps. So, whether you have a single requirement or need an integrated solution, we can empower you to make our future greener.

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  • Sustainability standards

    We follow the Government Buying Standards which set out mandatory minimum standards for goods and services such as paper, office equipment, ICT, cleaning products, furniture, construction and fleet. Our product expertise helps us keep pace with other international standard setting bodies, and where these are more appropriate to consult to ensure we give you access to the best sustainable solutions possible, we do so.

  • Whole life approach

    Sustainable procurement covers everything from manufacture to disposal, helping avoid the use of additional natural resources where possible. A whole life approach means thinking not just about a cradle to grave plan for product purchases, but a cradle to cradle plan. When the product has served its purpose, what is the next step? How can it be reused, remanufactured or repurposed?

  • Single use plastics

    The government’s 25 year Environment Plan aims to eliminate avoidable plastics by 2042. Our agreements can help you do your bit to remove single use plastics from new and existing contracts at neutral cost. We’ve also worked with suppliers to reduce packaging, improve recycling and increase the availability of compostable materials.

  • Carbon net zero

    As a guide, carbon net zero means no additional carbon emissions are released through manmade processes, zero carbon means no carbon is emitted, carbon negative means a project will remove more carbon than it creates, and carbon neutrality means removing the same amount as created. Find out more how we can help you.

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