Building Materials and Equipment

UK government departments, devolved administrations and the wider public sector can access a range of building materials, equipment and associated services.


18/10/2021: This agreement replaces the Construction Products Consumables and Materials agreement. It will run for a fixed 4 years and there will be no options to extend.


We have awarded a total of 36 suppliers across 9 lots to provide the following services:

  • heating and electrical products
  • domestic kitchens
  • paints and solvents
  • flooring
  • tool and plant sale and hire
  • protective wear

This agreement brings together industry with the end user to promote collaborative working practices. It is 1 of 4 agreements that form the CCS integrated strategy for construction along with:

The terms and conditions for this agreement are under the Framework Alliance Contract (FAC-1). This is a flexible, standard form contract that helps to merge teams into an alliance and provides customers with improved results from using an agreement.

This agreement will run for 4 years with no option to extend.


  • fast access to market provides you with the choice and flexibility of different contract types
  • provides ‘standard boilerplate amendments’ for central government to:
    • make sure that there is consistency with the latest government policies
    • reduce the need for unnecessary drafting
    • create a more efficient and standardised approach>
  • takes into consideration the new Construction Products Regulator
    • we have made changes within the agreement to adopt their recommendations
  • includes agreed ‘success measures’ which we will use to measure suppliers’ performance
    • customers can also use the templated success measures and can amend them to suit their needs
  • we will manage agreement performance and fulfil the role of alliance manager on each lot, to make sure there is continuous service improvement
  • strong focus on social value and customers can measure the outcomes using the Themes Outcomes and Measures (TOMS) agreement
  • evolving core list of products: the core list of products will be regularly reviewed with suppliers so that it reflects developments in the market and customer demand
  • supplier focus on the government’s strategic priorities related to sustainability and the environment, such as the Greening Government Commitments Strategy

Products and suppliers

There are 35 suppliers on this agreement

Lot 1: Heavy Building Materials And One Stop Shop


2 suppliers

Lot 2: Plumbing, Heating And Bathrooms


1 suppliers

Lot 3: Electrical Products


6 suppliers

Lot 4: Paints And Solvents


4 suppliers

Lot 5: Flooring


4 suppliers

Lot 6: Kitchens (Domestic)


2 suppliers

Lot 7: Personal Protective Equipment (Workwear, General And Specialist)


19 suppliers

Lot 8: Building And Construction Tools & Equipment - Purchase


9 suppliers

Lot 9: Building And Construction Tools & Equipment - Hire


6 suppliers

How to buy

 You can buy from this agreement using:

Further competition will take around 4 to 6 weeks to complete, depending on the size and scale of your need. You should keep this in mind if you plan to use this route to market. You also have the option to use E-auctions.

You can use our CCS eSourcing portal to run your further competition.  If this is your first time using our eSourcing suite, you will need to register an account.

If you have already registered, sign in to your eSourcing account.

This agreement also uses catalogue buying through the government eMarketplace.

To buy through this agreement you will need to:

  1. decide which lot(s) best fit your needs
    1. if you need any help with this, contact the team
  2. register as an additional client with CCS by completing the registration form
    1. once completed, you will need to email the registration document to our customer service centre
    2. there is no joining fee and no commitment even after registering
  3. to use this agreement the additional client will also need to complete an additional client user agreement form
  4. once completed, you will need to email the form to our customer service centre.
  5. you will then receive an additional client (customer) reference number
    1. you should put your reference number on all your communication between suppliers and ourselves
  6. you should follow the procedures set out in Schedule 4
    1. find guidance about using the Basware Government eMarketplace and E-auction in schedule 4 of the building materials and equipment alliance contract
    2. the core list prices include UK standard mainland delivery
  7. place an order using the appropriate project contract listed below
    1. the contracts are also listed in paragraph 5, Schedule 5 of the Framework Alliance Contract
  8. complete the award notification form
    1. if appropriate, you can also complete the case study form
  9. Return your completed award notification form and case study form (if appropriate) by email to CCS

Choosing your contract

You can use the following contracts under this agreement: