Modular Building Solutions

The design, fabrication, delivery, construction or installation and maintenance of modular buildings for purchase or hire.


This framework provides the public sector with a simple, low-cost way to address their modular building requirements.

It offers an alternative to traditionally built accommodation and public sector customers will be able to buy or lease modular buildings designed and fabricated to their particular specification.

A total of 24 suppliers have been awarded across 7 lots. Lots 1 to 4 focus on the education and healthcare sectors while lots 5 to 7 are for all other sectors, including housing, defence, commercial and retail.


  • Choice: customers can choose from a variety of different contracts (this is explained further in the How to Buy section):
    • NEC
    • JCT
    • PPC 2000
    • TAC-1
  • Value for money: suppliers have been selected using a combination of both qualitative and commercial measures, providing assurance to customers that the framework provides access to the lowest cost suppliers in the market.
  • Standard prices: maximum framework prices are fixed for the first two years of the framework agreement contract. Additional reductions may be secured through further competition or by early contractor involvement and effective risk management in direct award.
  • Management Information (MI): Crown Commercial Services (CCS) will track/capture information to allow in depth analysis of the performance of the framework.
  • Quality service delivery: a robust service specification is embedded into the framework agreement and all parties have committed to continuous improvement throughout the life of the framework.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): project specific KPI measures can be determined by the customer and can be tailored to their specific requirements.
  • Social value and sustainability: customer’s can request that suppliers tailor their offer to match their social value priorities.
  • Continuously improving services: CCS will work with a dedicated user group throughout the life of the framework agreement contract to improve service delivery, share best practices, and incorporate new industry developments and regulatory requirements.

Products and suppliers

There are 21 suppliers on this agreement

Lot 1: Purchase of Education Related Modular Buildings


11 suppliers

Lot 2: Purchase of Healthcare Related Modular Buildings


10 suppliers

Lot 3: Hire of Education Related Modular Buildings


9 suppliers

Lot 4: Hire of Healthcare Related Modular Buildings


7 suppliers

Lot 5: Other Sectors - Hire upto £150k and Purchase Up to £750k


7 suppliers

Lot 6: Other Sectors - Hire between £150k to £700k and Purchase between £750k and £3.5m


10 suppliers

Lot 7: Other Sectors - Hire over £700k and Purchase over £3.5m


12 suppliers

How to buy

You can buy from this framework by further competition or direct award. Further competition will take around 4 weeks, depending on the size and scale of the requirement.

  1. You are firstly required to register as an Additional Client with CCS. This can be done by completing the Registration Document (see Annex A to the “Additional Client Guidance”) and returning to Our simple registration arrangements mean once an Additional Client has registered they have access to the Modular Buildings Framework Alliance Contract. There is no joining fee and no commitment, even after registering.
  2. Next you should decide which lot(s) best fit your requirements. Guidance on selecting the appropriate lot is available in the documents section below. If you are unsure then please contact CCS who will be able to help you.
  3. To use the framework for your procurement process for each Lot within RM6014, the Additional Client is required to complete an Additional Client User Agreement Form (see Annex A to this guidance) and return this to the Client at

You will then receive an Additional Client Reference Number which you should quote on all correspondence with suppliers and ourselves.


Choosing your contract

There are a variety of contracts available to use under this framework, please see the Additional Client Guidance for full details:

  • NEC: NEC produces a diverse range of definitive end-to-end project management contracts that empower users to deliver projects: on time, on budget and to the required standards. Find out more here.
  • JCT: JCT produces a suite of standard forms of contract which sets out the responsibilities of all parties within the construction process, and their obligations, so it is clear what work needs to be done, who is doing it, when are they doing it by, and for how much. Find out more here.
  • PPC 2000: PPC2000 offers a single contractual hub, allowing all team members to ‘contract as a team’ on identical terms, aligning contractual project management processes with teamwork methods and behaviours. Find out more here.
  • TAC-1 – TAC-1 supports and integrates the provision of any type or scale of works and/or services and/or supplies.  Find out more here.