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Dynamic Purchasing Systems - to buy a range of common products and services, from simple to complex requirements, from low to high volumes of products.

G-Cloud - for cloud supporting services, products and solutions.

Digital Outcomes & Specialists (DOS)to access agile development and user-centred design services.

To find out more abut our different types of framework agreements, read our start buying page.

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    • Big Data and Analytics (RM6195)
    • Data and Application Solutions (RM3821) Expired
    • Debt Resolution Services (RM6226)
    • Demand Management & Renewables Framework (RM6314)
    • Digital & Legacy Application Services (RM6335)
    • Digital Capability for Health (RM6221)
    • Digital Specialists and Programmes (RM6263)
    • G-Cloud 13 Lot 4 (RM1557.13L4)
    • Management Consultancy Framework Three (MCF3) (RM6187)
    • Management Consultancy Framework Two (MCF2) (RM6008) Expired
    • Outsourced Contact Centre and Business Services (RM6181)
    • Software Design and Implementation Services (RM6193)
    • Technology Services 2 (RM3804) Expired
    • Technology Services 3 (RM6100)
    • Vertical Application Solutions (RM6259)
    • Vehicle Hire Solutions (RM6265)
    • Campaign Solutions 2 (RM6125)
    • Public Sector Legal Services (RM6240)
    • WPS Legal Services (RM3788) Expired
  • Trading as Reeson Education.
    • Supply Teachers and Temporary Staffing (STaTS) (RM6238)
  • Trading as Jarrodean Healthcare Recruitment.
    • Permanent Recruitment 2 (RM6229)
  • Trading as InvitISE Ltd.
    • Permanent Recruitment 2 (RM6229)
  • Trading as MobileAdvantage.
    • Employee Benefits and Services (RM6273)
    • Technology Products & Associated Services 2 (RM6098)
    • Vertical Application Solutions (RM6259)
  • Trading as CCK, CCK Media, CCK Tech.
    • Technology Online Purchasing Content (RM6147)
    • Non Clinical Staffing (RM6277)
    • G-Cloud 13 Lot 4 (RM1557.13L4)
    • Technology Services 3 (RM6100)
    • Technology Products & Associated Services 2 (RM6098)
    • Technology Products & Associated Services 2 (RM6098)
    • International Healthcare Professional Recruitment and Associated Services (RM6333)
    • International Recruitment of Clinical Healthcare Professionals (RM6162) Expired
    • Non Clinical Staffing (RM6277)
    • Provision of Clinical and Healthcare Staffing (RM6161)
    • Network Services 3 (RM6116)
    • Language Services (RM6141)
    • Construction Professional Services (RM6165)
    • Project Management and Full Design Team Services (RM3741) Expired
    • Security - Physical, Technical and Support Services (RM6257)
    • Workplace Services (FM Marketplace Phase 2) (RM6089) Expired