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  • Trading as Slaughter & May.
    • Finance & Complex Legal Services (RM3787) Expired
    • General Legal Advice Services (RM3786) Expired
    • Legal Services Panel (RM6179)
    • Furniture & Associated Services (RM6119)
  • Trading as Xander Hendrix Healthcare.
    • International Recruitment of Clinical Healthcare Professionals (RM6162)
  • Trading as Guardian Service. GUARDIAN SERVICE.
    • Courier and Specialist Movements (RM6171)
    • Logistics and Warehousing (RM6074)
    • Specialist Courier Services (RM3799) Expired
    • Storage, Distribution, Kitting and Associated Services (RM6282)
    • Supply Teachers and Temporary Staffing (STaTS) (RM6238)
    • Purchase of Standard and Specialist Vehicles (RM6244)
  • Trading as JBS Group.
    • Building Materials and Equipment (RM6157)
    • Management Consultancy Framework Three (MCF3) (RM6187)
  • Trading as ISR Recruitment Ltd.
    • Executive & Non-Executive Recruitment Services (RM6290)
    • eSourcing Platform (RM6101) Expired
    • Non Clinical Temporary and Fixed Term Staff (RM6160)
    • Estate Management Services (RM6168)
    • Management Consultancy Framework Three (MCF3) (RM6187)
    • Purchase of Standard and Specialist Vehicles (RM6244)
    • Public Sector Legal Services (RM6240)
    • WPS Legal Services (RM3788) Expired
    • WPS Legal Services (RM3788) Expired
    • Facilities Management and Workplace Services (RM6232)
    • Flexible Resource Pool - Staff Bank (RM6158)
    • Insourced Services to Support the Provision of Healthcare (including Clinical Insourcing) (RM6276)
    • Multidisciplinary Temporary Healthcare Personnel (RM3711) Expired
    • Provision of Clinical and Healthcare Staffing (RM6161)
  • Trading as APS Group.
    • Print Management Services (RM6170)
    • Print Marketplace (RM6071)
    • Storage, Distribution, Kitting and Associated Services (RM6282)
    • Technology Products & Associated Services (RM6068)
    • Technology Services 3 (RM6100)
  • Trading as Manning Gottlieb OMD.
    • Communication Services (RM3796) Expired